Padbury CPS Newsletter

Issue #10 - 2 July 2021

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Compassion: Show you care for others in your words and actions



Please check the community calendar for upcoming and future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


Dear Parents

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation during this lockdown period, the Leadership Team and staff appreciate your support in assisting to make this week continue as seamless as possible.

The staff have worked collaboratively with the Leadership Team to fine tune our Mission and Vision statements based upon our existing school information and the work undertaken last year in regard to our strategic plan.


Padbury Catholic Primary School is an education community committed to following in the footsteps of Jesus, living our motto ‘Love One Another’ (John 13:34)


Our Vision is to educate the whole child, Inspiring Hearts and Minds, to become faith-filled, creative, life-long learners through meaningful and innovative experiences.


Our Vision comes to life through our core values which are inspired by the Gospels and our Mercy charism: Compassion; Service; Mercy; Justice; Dignity; Hospitality; Stewardship; Excellence

Our PCPS Social Justice, Reach Out With Love, project is a wonderful opportunity for us all to reflect upon and be thankful for all that we have in our lives and to think about those who are less fortunate in our community. This year focussed our love on providing Winter Woollies for those in need in our local community. Big thankyou to all for sending through so many warm items. Your gifts of love will be very much appreciated by those who are in need.

We had beautiful weather as the children competed in the Interschool Cross Country carnival last week. Big thank you to Mr John Hignett for preparing the children for this huge event. We had many parents and grandparents who came to cheer the children on during the day and I am happy to announce that PCPS came second! Congratulations to all our competitors, they were a real credit to our school in both their performance and sportsmanship. Big thanks to the Sheree Merry and her P&F team who ran an amazing Sausage Sizzle on the day for all the competing schools!

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Our inaugural Musical Production, The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan, will take place on the 12, 13, 14 August. Tickets have sold like hotcakes and are now basically sold out! Huge thanks to Musical Directors Tamara Bastow and Ryan vB for bringing the musical to life at PCPS and to all our actors, singers and dancers, we are looking forward to seeing you perform!

The P&F has many exciting events for you to look forward to next semester – Ladies Night, Bogan Bingo, Father's Day Breakfast, Sausage sizzles and the Car Space raffle just to name a few!

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, work will commence on our new look welcome courtyard for families. The new-look courtyard will include a beautiful mural which will breathe new life into the entrance of our Early Learning Centre and will also be transformed into a vibrant open space for all families to meet and greet. Mikaela Millar, a young West Australian artist who specialises in botanical illustrations and large-scale public artworks will be commencing the artwork during the holidays.

Did the hints in the last newsletter give you any clues as to what is coming in the Playground?

Work will commence on our playground redevelopment during the July school holidays! Check out the little video for more clues!

First semester reports were released electronically on Wednesday. I know that you will take the time to talk through these reports with your children and praise them for all their hard work and help them to set goals for the new term.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the parent community for all that you do to assist us within our school from being on classroom rosters, supervising on excursions, being on the P&F Committee and Advisory Council, helping out at carnivals, covering reading books and so on. The staff and Leadership Team truly appreciate your continual support of our endeavours. Your words of encouragement and thanks mean a lot to us.

I wish everyone a safe and relaxing two-week break and look forward to welcoming you back on 19 July.

Kind regards

Mrs Margaret Williamson


Playgrounds #2

Pastoral Care


Congratulations to the van Wyk family (Joshua 2V) on the arrival of their beautiful little girl, Alexia Joy.


Condolences go to the Johnson family (Leo PPW) on the loss of their Nonna. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



First Holy Communion Update

First Holy Communion for our Year 4's is slowly approaching. Some dates to be aware of below:

  • Commitment Masses - Weekend of 31 July/1 August
  • Parent/Child Workshops - Mon 2 - Wed 4 August (Times and dates TBC).
  • First Holy Communion Sacramental Masses - Weekend of 21/22 August

Year 4 Teachers will email out more info as the dates approach.

Mercy Value Award Winners

Pre Primary

William Hartfield (PPM) - Compassion

Clara Whitehouse (PPW) - Compassion

Year One

Georgie Rudd (1B) - Compassion

Michael Giles (1W) - Compassion

Year Two

Chloe Greene (2PH) - Excellence

Quinn Pearce (2V) - Compassion

Year Three

Joshua Gibbons (3H) - Mercy

Shristi Kumar (3R) - Mercy

Year Four

Sean Liem (4B) - Mercy

Milan SMith (4W) - Stewardship

Year Five

Blake Barr (5T) - Compassion

Jake Merry (5D) - Compassion

Year Six

Emily Vague (6B) - Compassion

Finn Thorburn (6WvB) - Compassion


Find out what is happening at PCPS!

A reminder that we have official school FaceBook and Instagram accounts for Padbury Catholic Primary School.

These accounts are a great way to follow what is happening in the school.

Although they are largely meant for promoting our wonderful school in the wider community, we know there are plenty of things that current parents would enjoy seeing on these accounts. If you have not yet, please follow us through the links below...

Thought for the Week

Have a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to seeing you next term!

Mr Ryan von Bergheim & Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principals



EduDance is back for another year at PCPS and will take place in Term 3. This year EduDance class lessons will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students will need to wear their sports uniform on their EduDance day. Lessons will run from Weeks 1-9 (excluding Week 8). With a concert scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of Week 10 (more details about this will come out closer to the time).

The days are as follows:

Tuesdays- 1W, 2V, PPW, 5T, 4B, 6B, 3H & 3R

Fridays- 6WvB, 2PH, 5D, 1B, 4W & PPM

Mrs Alisia Tardrew

EduDance Coordinator

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Musical tickets are nearly all gone! We now have sold 96% of tickets!!!
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Lost Property

There is a range of Lost Property in front of the Green Space in the Amphitheatre. Please check to see if any belongs to your child. Any remaining lost property at the end of this term will be donated to charity or thrown out.


Performing Arts

Due to the recent announcement of a Perth lockdown from Premier Mark McGowan, purchasing of tickets for the Performing Arts Festival will be kept on hold and re-open on Friday 9 July, from 8am. This decision will be pending on any further announcements from the Premier and directives received from Catholic Education WA which may affect seating capacity restrictions at venues.

Please check the website

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher

Choir News....Save the Date

Our school choir from Years 4, 5 and 6 is participating in the One Big Voice Festival, held at RAC Arena on Friday, August 20th, 2021, commencing at 12:30pm. Parents, carers, grandparents and friends are invited to attend this festival. Ticket sales will be purchased through RAC Arena Ticketek.

Please regularly check Seesaw for further information regarding ticket sales and where our choir is placed for best tickets.

School Website

A reminder that our school website has a wide range of information on it, and is a great place to find out a range of information about our school, including upcoming events -


The Importance of Nature Play

Research from around the world supports the view that outdoor play is fundamental to childhood and helps children develop to their full potential. Research shows the importance of nature play (free-play outdoors) to children's cognitive and emotional development, capacity to learn and behaviour.

Griffin Longley, CEO of Nature Play WA, states "We are in the middle of the single biggest change in childhood in human history and it has never been more important to understand the impact that physical, unstructured, outdoor play has on the way our kids develop, relate to the world around them and learn".

Nature play spaces are recognised as:

· allowing for overall physical development, with research showing that active children perform better at school

· providing children with opportunities to develop self-regulation and executive function – a child’s ability to make decisions, resolve conflict, create and execute ideas

· helping children to learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence

· encouraging imaginative play which helps build curiosity and creativity

· reducing children’s stress and inattention through a connectedness with nature

Our playground redevelopment at PCPS will enable our children to enjoy the many benefits of nature play in a state-of-the-art natural playground environment created by an innovative designer. There will be opportunities for children to play, climb, swing, create, imagine, problem solve and have loads of fun. Our playgrounds will include timber logs, timber forts, sand kitchens, balance courses, natural balance logs and steppers, swing logs, stilts, platforms, climbing walls, timber bridges, water play, art studio, staged decks, nets and cubby spaces just to name a few.

I have given a few hints of what is to come however there is going to be one playground area, in particular, that is going to be bespoke and an absolute standout in our playground redevelopment. Keep a look out in the playground mid-July when works commence!

Mrs Margaret Williamson



It is well documented that creativity developed though nature and unstructured play early in life, can contribute to an openness to life and can be linked to positive self-esteem.

Many studies also demonstrate how creating art builds positive emotions and reduces anxiety. It is with this in mind, that we have embarked on some exciting projects at Padbury Catholic Primary.

Over the last twelve months, our Early Childhood staff has been focused on developing engaging opportunities for our students through creative play spaces and learning experiences. Early literacy and numeracy skills are being taught through a variety of resources, including the use of nature and art in the outdoor spaces, as well as bringing nature indoors.

During the July holidays work on a beautiful mural will begin outside our Early Childhood classrooms. Mikaela Miller is a young Western Australian artist who will be running some art workshops with our Pre-Primary children to create a unique interpretation of our beautiful school, people, stories and local flora.

The children will be working with images of native flora and will explore how our native flowers are so important to our natural environment. These workshops will directly link to developing a love of our natural environment, whilst enjoying being a part of this creative art project.

We are so looking forward to the development of this creative open space that will be the gateway to our Early Childhood classes and an inviting space for families to meet and greet each other.

Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principal


Helping children to understand and manage their emotions –

Children will best develop their ability to recognise and name emotions through lots of practice. It’s easier for children to practise through play, when they’re relaxed, or before their emotions get too intense.

Here are some ways you can help your child practise recognising and naming emotions:

  • Talk about the emotions that characters in books, TV shows or movies might be experiencing. For example, ‘Look at Bluey’s face. She looks sad’.
  • Read books about emotions with your child. To start with, you could try The way I feel by Janan Cain, All about feelings from Usborne, or F is for feelings by Goldie Millar and Lisa A. Berger.
  • Show your child how you recognise your emotions and help them to recognise theirs. For example, ‘When I broke that glass, I yelled really loudly. Does that happen to you when you make a mistake and feel angry?’
  • Help your child work out how their body feels when they’re experiencing an emotion. For example, ‘You look nervous. Have you got butterflies in your tummy?’
  • Give your child opportunities to explore emotions through play. Play ideas to develop preschooler emotions and play ideas to develop school-age emotions include messy play, drawing or painting, puppet play, dancing and music play.
  • Do an emotions activity with your child. You choose an emotion like ‘excited’ and act it out with your child. You can turn this activity into a simple guessing game.

You can also start helping your child learn simple strategies to manage their emotions. For example:

  • Teach your child ways to calm down from strong emotions like counting to 10 or taking five deep breaths.
  • Suggest ways to react to strong emotions – for example, clap your hands when you’re excited, ask for a hug when you’re sad, or squeeze your cushion really hard when you’re angry.

It can be hard for your child to use strategies like these when they’re very upset. They might shout, hit things or behave in other inappropriate ways instead. So you might need to help your child calm down. When they’re calm, you can help them understand that strong emotions are OK, but bad behaviour isn’t.

Mrs Ali Fisher

Social Worker



Congratulations to Vienna Matera (Year 6) who has made the U 12's State Girls Football Team! Amazing!!


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Parish Update

Saturday 5th June

Feast Day: St Boniface

Sunday 6th June

Feast Day: The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

Mass Times

All Masses are held in the Church

Saturday - 8:30am; 6:30pm

Sunday - 8:00am; 9:30am; 11:00am; 5:45pm

Monday to Friday - 7:00am; 9:00am

24:7 Youth Group

For all youth in Years 6 to 12

1st and 3rd Friday @ Parish Hall, 7pm

Call Luke 0401822932 for more information.

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Parish Website :

Vinnies Support Centre

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MBA Sports will be returning for our After School Club once again next term. Same time, same place, head to their website to secure your place.