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How Nutrition Affects Athletes

Part 1

The entire body depends on the brain to function. The brain controls all organs, yet the brain relies on these very organs to survive.

Every cell in the body depends on water, nourishment and oxygen to function properly. In a normal, healthy person, food determines approximately 65-70 percent of how he or she looks and feels.

Approximately 10-15 percent of good health depends on exercise or activity; 10-15 percent depends on sleep, and 5-10 percent depends on genetics and health-related issues. A person can eat healthy and adequately with moderate activity and nominal exercise and easily maintain or improve the way he or she looks and feels.

Combining proper nutrition with adequate activity or exercise creates an optimal healthy outcome with minimal sacrifice.

In a highly active lifestyle, such as an athlete’s, the fuel consumed greatly affects performance. Knowing and understanding proper nutrition is essential for optimal performance, recovery and growth.

Once an athlete reaches his or her peak and is competing at the top level, the playing field is relatively equal. One major aspect of training and performance that gives athletes a superior edge over competitors is fuel intake on and off the field.

Athletes can only perform, recover and grow as efficiently as the body’s fuel utilization process permits. Any deficiency or inadequacy affects this process.

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