Musings of a Mediator

Beyond Resolution: Becoming whole after divorce

Preview: Musings of a Mediator

As a mediator for nearly thirty years, I have had the opportunity to sit with people in their darkest hour, hear their stories, and work with them as they process, heal, and resolve the most devastating circumstances of their lives. In this front row seat, I have gained insights beyond measure, on how people can heal from unthinkable betrayal, heartache, and fear. In this blog, I will share some of the wisdom that I have had the privilege to uncover in my chair at the head of the table. Until my next post, I want to reassure you of one thing…on the other side of your most devastating moments, there is an opportunity to soar.


Kimberly Stamatelos, Attorney & Mediator

Kimberly Stamatelos has mediated thousands of cases involving numerous types of disputes. She has also represented clients in mediation sessions to resolve their legal matters. This blog is for sharing the wisdom and joy of helping people heal after life’s most devastating circumstances. Wherever you are in the healing journey, these posts will give you valuable insight on how to heal in a way that returns you to wholeness.