Raymond Central Public School

October 2019

From the Desk of the Superintendent

Through the strategic planning process and the hard work of many community members, parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and Board members, new district goals were developed for 2019-2025. In the next several newsletters, I will be highlighting one goal area and including district activities/initiatives that came out of the input from the Vision 2025 roundtable discussions (last year), the RC 360 Superintendent Evaluation, culture and climate survey data, teacher exit surveys, and daily conversations around our fantastic school district. The first goal, strategic goal number eight, ensure all students learn in a safe environment.

  • Performance Indicator (1): Conduct annual external safety audits at each school site.

  • Performance Indicator (2): Develop and implement a district-wide reunification plan as part of the adopted standard response protocol.

  • Performance Indicator (3): Provide ongoing safety training for staff and students.

  • Performance Indicator (4): The district will research and implement an anonymous reporting app for students, parents, and staff that will be used in partnership between the school and law enforcement.

  • Performance indicator (5): Continue to engage all stakeholders in school safety issues.

Over the past two years, we have held an annual meeting with the Raymond Central Safety and Security core Team, local law enforcement, local fire and rescue, BOE members, and parents. During our time together we have reviewed the fully implemented I Love You Guys Standard Response Protocol for all three school sites and brought in an expert trainer to discuss each component. It was at the 2019 meeting where we discussed the creation of a reunification plan which has been drafted by the RC Safety and Security Core Team.

We have made upgrades to school safety and security to work towards meeting these objectives. We have upgraded our exterior cameras at the Jr-Sr High School, added additional cameras at both elementary school sites, moved our bus pickup and drop off site to run along the north side of the Jr-Sr High School, and added radios to each building site for communication for bus transportation and safety and security communication.

Last year Raymond Central partnered with parents and engaged in conversations around student mental health services and communication. It is the goal of the district to continue the conversation in hopes to create an anonymous reporting app for students and parents/guardians. If you are interested in attending a future meeting, please let Dr. Joel know through email - djoel@rcentral.org.

We are privileged to have a School Resource Officer at our Jr-Sr High School site. Deputy Brian Piitz was just awarded another three year contract to work with Raymond Central and Malcolm Public Schools. Deputy Piitz has provided training for all 6-12 students around the Standard Response Protocol and what to do during crisis situations. We are continuing to create a K-5 training for students as the Standard Response Protocol utilizes common symbols and language during crisis events. Deputy Piitz is in the process of numbering all exterior windows and doors for emergency personnel during a crisis.

Moving forward, Raymond Central is looking to invest in interior camera upgrades, an anonymous reporting app, vapor detectors for locker rooms and bathrooms, check in software for our school site front desks that run a background check from visitor's driver's licenses, and engaging stakeholders in conversation and learning opportunities in regards to school safety and security.

For November, I will share and discuss the work the district is doing in regard to facility maintenance and planning for 2019-2025.

Go Mustangs!

Dr. Joel

U.S. Department of Education Innovation and Research Grant

From Dr. Joel:

I am excited to announce Raymond Central has been awarded a grant through the US Department of Education. We partnered with Schuyler Public Schools and ESU2 to write the grant, which at the time we felt was a long shot. We wrote it thinking they have to give the money to someone, why not us. Only 18 of these grants are awarded in the United States annually.

What does this mean for RC and Schuyler? The grant provides $800,000 per year for 5 years ($4 million total). With the grant, 80% of teachers (in both districts) will participate in a technology leadership corp through DiscoveryEd. Both districts will provide Project Lead the Way Curriculum K-12 with additional PLTW courses at the high school level in years 4 & 5. In mid-October after the first meeting between RC, Schuyler, and ESU2 more information will be shared.

In the grant abstract, we listed four priorities-

  1. A study supporting instructional coaching for teachers as a way to improve teacher skills and student engagement.
  2. A study related to student self-efficacy and confidence in STEM/CS course work as predictors of later student success in high-level science and math courses.
  3. A study related to the use of mentors to increase student academic achievement, especially in minorities, students of poverty, special needs students, and females.
  4. The promising practice of project-based learning will be explored and expanded to include credit-recovery as a suitable method of credit attainment for students failing traditional teacher-led instructional formats or on-line course credits.

Summary of project objectives and expected outcomes-

  • Improve student engagement, achievement, self-efficacy, and opportunities in STEM and Computer Science.

I could not be more excited to share the news, more information will be communicated soon!

Wellness Policy Update

The Wellness Committee met in September for the first time since we started the 2019-2020 school year (click here to see the agenda and minutes). Over the past two years, the committee has developed and implemented Raymond Central’s Wellness Policy that meets the State requirements for schools. The focus of the policy is students, however, the district has been looking for ways to extend our healthy practices to staff, parents/guardians and community members.

The committee has also spent time updating the school website with resources to support the Wellness Policy. Since food items can no longer be used for rewards, and celebrations that involve food must meet or exceed the SmartSnack regulations, there are two resources located under the Wellness tab that will help staff, students, and parents/guardians. One of the resources is the SmartSnack calculator in which food products can be entered to find out if they meet the SmartSnack regulations. The second resource provides a list of food products that meet regulations and can be searched by products. The committee highly recommends parents/guardians, staff and students utilize these resources if they intend to bring food that will be consumed during the school day. Remember, a student’s lunch brought from home and eaten only by the student will not be regulated by the Wellness Policy. The policy exists for food that is shared to a whole class, a group of students, etc. The policy begins at 12:01 am and extends only 30 minutes after the school bell. Groups who have a gathering or dinner on school grounds outside of this timeframe are not held to the same standards.

Overall, the committee has been committed to ensure full implementation and compliance with the new policy. The “old policy” was 10 years old and out of compliance. If you have not read through the new policy, please visit the website to find the online copy. The Wellness Committee meetings are open to the public and looking for new members. If interested, please let Dr. Joel know.

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on the following dates/locations:

October 22--K-5th at both Ceresco and Valparaiso 4:00-8:00 pm

October 23--6th-12th at RC High School 4:00-8:00 pm

October 24--K-12th--all buildings 4:00-8:00

October 25--NO SCHOOL


The 10th annual Hustle run/walk and pancake feed is scheduled for Saturday, October 19. All monies raised from the run/walk and pancake feed are used to fund the RC Food Bank Back Pack Program. The RC Food Bank Back Pack Program in conjunction with the Food Bank of Lincoln seeks to help students and families who may be food insecure. A food-filled backpack is provided to the student and family over the weekend or during a school break. The Food Bank Back Pack Program is a way to help these students, and their families, have food available on the weekends.

The RC Food Bank Back Pack Program is entirely funded through generous donations, grants, and fundraising efforts at the local level. The Hustle run/walk and pancake feed is the only fundraiser the group conducts throughout the year.

We hope you can join us for the 10th anniversary run/walk and pancake feed! The run/walk begins at the Oak Creek Trailhead in Valparaiso at 9am on October 19. Please note that the run course for the 5K and 10K will be mostly gravel road this year due to erosion and subsequent closing of the trail. The one mile walk./run will use the trail. A registration form is included with this article and is also available at www.rcentral.org. Registration for the Hustle run/walk is also available online at www.active.com by searching for the “2019 Hustle”. Registration is due October 4 to guarantee a t-shirt. Participants may register the day of the run/walk, but a t-shirt is not included.

The pancake feed will be held at the Valparaiso Rural Fire District building in Valparaiso from 9-11am. The feed is open to the public. Awards and drawings for prizes for run/walk participants will take place at the pancake feed. We hope you can come to help us celebrate 10 years providing food for Raymond Central students.

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To order a yearbook for grades 6-12 for this school year, please complete the following form for your child or children. This form must be submitted with the appropriate payment in order to be added to the list OR you may order online at www.walsworthyearbooks.com, selecting Buy A Yearbook or Ad and then searching for Raymond Central.

Pricing is as follows:

$50 per yearbook until December 31, 2019

$60 per yearbook from January 1, 2020 to May 20, 2020

If you have multiple children in grades 6-12 and would like more than one yearbook:

$95 for two yearbooks until December 31, 2019--no discounts after January 1, 2020 (use code 2Yearbooks online)

$140 for three yearbooks until December 31, 2019--no discounts after January 1, 2020 (use code 3Yearbooks online)



Number of Yearbooks:



Send Order Form and Payment to RC High School in care of Journalism Department. You can mail in the form and payment or can drop it off at the High School office.

Senior Ads and Business Ads:

Have a child graduating in May 2020? Or do you own/manage a business that should be advertised in the yearbook? Pricing for both as follows:

¼ page for $30

½ page for $60

Full page for $100

Both ads should be ordered and sent to Mrs. Enevoldsen by April 20, 2020 to ensure there is adequate space.

Cash and check payments (payable to Raymond Central) can be given to Mrs. Enevoldsen or the office.

Contact Mrs. Enevoldsen at cenevold@rcentral or 402-785-2685 Ext. 305 with any yearbook or advertisement questions or concerns.

An Incan Adventure

Would you like to visit Peru and hike to Machu Picchu? Mrs. Hill is organizing a trip to Peru in June of 2021. Any current students enrolled in Spanish or future students are eligible to go. The trip lasts 10 days and covers several cities in Peru. Please email Mrs. Hill at lhill@rcentral.org for more information.

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Proposed Chicken Farm at NW 27 & Ashland Road

The Raymond Central Board of Education held a public forum in regard to a proposed chicken farm that could be located one-mile NW of the Jr/Sr High School on August 6th. The meeting resulted in a unanimous vote by the Board of Education to oppose the proposed site for several reasons related to the health, safety, and well-being of students. Issues include water access, water quality, transportation safety, and air quality. Superintendent Joel and BOE President Dr. Gould will testify at the upcoming hearing on Sept. 4 at 1 pm at the Lancaster County Planning Commission meeting. We’d like to encourage parents, students and patrons who oppose this farm to make their voices heard prior to the 9/4 meeting. Go to: https://lincoln.ne.gov/city/plan/boards/pc/PubCommentForm.htm

Application Number is SP19035; General Location: NW27th & Ashland Rd.

There is also a Facebook group where more information may be found: RC Communities United

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TeamMates Mentoring

The TeamMates Mentoring Program creates friendships between safe, caring adults and students. We believe every child could use the guidance and friendship of a mentor. Play a board game, shoot hoops, or just talk with a student at school once a week— it's that simple. You don't have to be an expert. You just have to be there. The Raymond Central TeamMates chapter serves students grades 3-12.

To nominate your child to our program, please contact Kristine White by email. krwhite@rcentral.org

To become a mentor and make a difference in the life of a young person in our community, go to https://teammates.org/ to fill out an online application.

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News from the Math Department

Dear Parents/Guardians, 2019-2020

This document is intended to serve as a guide for Raymond Central’s Math Department grades 6-12 policies and procedures.

Raymond Central Math Department Grading Practices
The Raymond Central Math Department is committed to using best practices, including standards-based instruction and assessments. Ultimately we want grades to be a reflection of student learning (standards-based grading), with students motivated to achieve at the highest level possible.

What is Standards-Based grading?
Standards-based grading is an indication of a students learning with correlation to the Nebraska State Math Standards. Standards-based grading is an intentional way for teachers to track their students’ progress and achievements while focusing on helping students learn and reach their highest potential.

Homework Policy
Each student is required to have a notebook for their math class to use for homework assignments. This includes book assignments, worksheets, and assignments given on chromebook (IXL, quizizz, etc). Homework is assigned for the students. As a parent, your role might include serving as a guide, but it is important for the students to correctly practice their math skills. Best practice in math includes work being shown.

Formative and Summative Assessments
Students will be assessed in two categories: formative and summative. Formative assessments are worth 10% of the final grade and summative assessments will be worth 90% of the final grade.
Formative assessments will occur for each individual indicator throughout the corresponding unit. These assessments can include, but are not restricted to, daily work and quizzes. Formative assessments indicate the progress of student learning on standards and indicators. Depending on the course and instructor, formative assessments may vary.
Summative assessments will be standards-based and may include multiple standards or standard indicators. Summative assessments will be tests only. Each indicator has a range of 3-5 questions and is worth 10 total points. Your student will be given an overview that states the indicators tested during that unit.

Gradebook: What does your student’s gradebook look like?
As indicated above, each summative assessment may include multiple indicators. These indicators are shown in the gradebook as individual test scores. This is standards-based grading and reporting. You may also see formative assessments which are checks for understanding for each indicator. These assessments can include, but are not restricted to, graded quizzes and completed practice.

Re-Testing Policy
Students will be required to retest individual indicators they have not passed.
All unfinished homework from the corresponding unit must be completed prior to retesting.
Retests should be completed as soon as possible. Once the semester ends, we cannot go back and change previous semester grades.
Students are required/responsible to meet with their teacher for at least one reteaching session prior to retesting.
When a student retests, their retest will be their new score on that indicator, regardless if the score is higher or lower than the original test.
Students may improve their score on an individual standards indicator if it is tested on the semester final.

High School Support Classes for Algebra and Geometry
At the high school level, some students are enrolled in an Algebra or Geometry Support class. These classes offer more time to work through difficult concepts and get extra help from the math teachers. These classes are smaller with more one on one time with the teacher. If grades are taken in this class, they are for participation and effort. These classes are designed to support the students’ progress in their regular Algebra or Geometry class. These classes do not calculate into a students’ GPA.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Stansberry, Principal, or your student’s Math teacher.

Thank you,
Adison Kenning
Chip Lange
Celia Newman
Greg Wilmes
Allison Stansberry
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