Pre-Kindergarten Assurances 15-16

By the end of the year Bilingual students will be able to:

in Spanish Language Arts:

  • Identify all the letters of the alphabet
  • Identify sound(s) of each letter of the alphabet
  • Match upper and lower case letters
  • Identify first name and last name
  • Write first name and last name correctly
  • Identify rhyming picture words (orally)
  • Put two syllables together to form a word (orally)

in Oral English Development:

  • Name Days of the Week
  • Name Months of the Year
  • Rote count orally
  • Name colors (white, black, red, blue, brown, orange, green, yellow, pink)
  • Name positional words (up, down, left, right, next to, between, behind, in front, top, bottom,in, on)
  • Name family vocabulary
  • Name school vocabulary
  • Name community vocabulary

Bilingual students who master above assurances will be able to:

  • Identify syllables with the consonants M,S,P,T,R
  • Read 2 or 3 letter words: mi, yo, si, no, tu, el, la, es, un, de, mio, una, por, ella, una
  • Read level Rebus or A books