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March 22, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Kristin Hernandez

Kristin is the secretary to Dr. Underwood as well as the School Board. She has been in the district for 7 years. She can be reached by email and 489-7003. If you've ever attended the holiday party or received a gift at the start of the year breakfast, you know Kristin is quite the event planner!

Her responsibilities include:

*Board Secretary -- she develops the agendas, takes minutes, and is the liaison to contact should a community member, parent, or staff member want to speak at a board meeting.

*Superintendent's Secretary

*Service Recognition Committee Chair -- she coordinates and organizes the dinner in May to commemorate years of service and retirees, as well as manages the Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year nominations and awards.

*Event Planner -- she coordinates and plans for the senior citizen luncheons, the district holiday reception, and other events in which all staff or guests will be invited.

*CCAEOP & MAEOP -- these organizations are instrumental in providing office professionals the support, information, and training they need to stay current. Kristin is the current Vice President of the Missouri Association of Educational Office Professionals.

Staff Cell Phone Use

You may have noticed new cell phone guidelines are being communicated to families of students in grades K-6 and also for 7-12. Please review these with your students regularly. The change in guidelines is also something we as staff members need to take note of below:

Cell phones can be used by staff throughout the day in order to communicate with parents and tell the story of our classrooms and our school district. However, we ask you to limit the use while students are under your supervision. Any personal use during the school day should be limited to plan times, breaks, lunch, etc.

Please follow the district’s cell phone policy when supervising students. We need to be the model for the behaviors we expect of students. For specific policy regarding staff use of communication devices, please refer to Board Policy GBCC.

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Conscious Discipline Column -- Betsy Warren, BOSCO

We have an opportunity to teach emotional regulation when children are feeling upset. Children want to feel in control of themselves, but may not know how. This is a scary feeling! Active calming is the cornerstone of self-control and emotional regulation. Creating a Safe Place in your classroom will teach your students how to calm their upset inner states. It is a non-punitive space that students can easily access. It is often confused with Time Out. Time Out seeks to punish because it is rooted in using external force to govern behavior. Parents and teachers often use removal techniques to try and motivate children to behave. A Safe Place is full of visual aids and tools (many are available for FREE at that help children through the self-regulation process. Carin Timmins, 3rd grade teacher at Scott Elementary, has a Safe Place in her classroom. She has seen the benefits of encouraging emotional regulation first hand with her students. She recently had a student who had a hard time getting to the Safe Place, so her students brought the Safe Place to him. One of the students said, "I will breathe for you until you can breathe yourself".