3rd Annual D11 Career Fair!

'Exploring Options'

Don’t miss this once a year opportunity to share knowledge, career experiences and your industry’s expectations and plans for the future with 3600 8th and 10th grade students from all across School District 11!

School District 11 3rd Annual Career Fair

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 8am-2pm

3650 North Nevada Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO

Play a part in helping our students make informed choices that can set the stage for a lifetime of opportunities and satisfying careers!

  • No participation fees.
  • Lunch is provided and WI-FI is available.
  • Convention style format with a new rotation of students every hour.
  • Tables are provided and available exhibit space will be colossal!
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Interested in Participating in the 3rd Annual Career Fair:

Contact Cory Notestine; Counseling and Postsecondary Coordinator at 719.641-1768 or cory.notestine@d11.org