Brain Development

By Kristie and Chloe

What you should know

  • In between the ages 2 to 7 that is the preoperation period.

  • That is where children start to do their own activities and think on their own.

  • Children start to learn how objects and word are types of symbols.

  • They start to recognize different feelings and emotions.

  • It is difficult for children to focus on more that one thing at a time.

Some Activities That Promote Brain Development in Children:

Taking Nature Walks

Taking Nature Walks allow children to explore nature and the world around them. It also helps them identify different types of plants and animals.

Tips & tricks for assessing school readiness

When assessing whether a child is ready for school or not don't judge too harshly. I child can surprise you. Also give them a little help by teaching them a few things before they get to school such as their full name their street address and their phone number.

Healthy Snacks and Meal Ideas

Gardener's Multiple Intelligences

Everyone learns better in a different way and thats because it takes different things for each person to understand certain ideas. These styles include:

Visual-Spatial - They tend to think of things as physical space. They prefer to do activities such as drawing and puzzles. What a parent can do to help the child in this way is do puzzles with them and maybe find some arts and crafts with them.

Bodily-kinesthetic - They tend to use the body effectively. They prefer to do hands on learning and roll playing. What a parent can do to help the child in this way is maybe make up a play or role play with them.

Musical - They tend to show a sensitivity towards rhythm and sound. They prefer to turn lessons into song lyrics and playing musical instruments. What a parent can do to help the child this way is encourage the child and provide them many things that they can use to their musical ability.

Interpersonal - They tend to interact well with others. They prefer to learn through interaction and tend to have many friends. What a parent can do is by putting them in more group oriented activities.

Intrapersonal - They tend to understand their own goals and interests more. They prefer to learn independently and to read. What a parent can do is give the child privacy and materials they can use to be creative.

Linguistic - They tend to use words effectively. They prefer to read or make up poetry and stories. What parents can do is make up stories with them encourage them to keep thinking and using their imagination.

Logical -Mathematical - They tend to add more reasoning behind things and calculate things. They prefer to experiments and logic games. What parents can do is help them by solving mysteries and investigations with them they enjoy to think and problem solve to learn things.

A peson can be one or more of these because it has to do with how you learn best.