10 Reasons For Writing

Skills in the art classroom

Evaluate what you have learned

Writing is an important life skill that should not be left only to English class for instruction and reinforcement. Writing about art is important too!

Explain ideas

Without basic knowledge of sentence and paragraph structure, students will be at a disadvantage when it comes to describing and evaluating art.
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Record what you are learning

Once students are given learning objectives, they must be able to record and exemplify information and new vocabulary to show learning.

Organize new information

Correct writing structure is only the beginning, students must learn to select important information from text in order to write summaries and determine the main idea to take away.

Explore, extend, and cement ideas

The concept of free writing and journaling is just as important as structured writing samples. Students should be able to collect, record and explain their own thoughts and ideas about a subject or idea.
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Apply new knowledge to new situations or problems

Writing has always been an important piece of problem solving. The more skilled a student is with writing allows them the ability to express new learning in an efficient way.

Think clearly and deeply about the subject

The ability to write well can only assist a young artist with capturing their creativity in projects on paper. The ability to explain, describe and evaluate art allows the student to express themselves fully on any concept.
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Make connections between past and current knowledge

Excellent writing skills will allow students to draw connections to their learning and any prior knowledge of the topic being discussed.

Communicate what you have learned

Students with excellent writing skills will be able to inform and describe to their audience the value of what they have learned and how it can be applied to future studies.
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Build confidence about your knowledge

Reinforcement of voice and tone in writing allows students to gain confidence and experience in communicating their artistic intent.