Red River Carts

The red river cart

This cart was had two big wheels for more ground coverage so it could go over mud and tree stumps easily. The cart was often used for travel all over the west and for going on the trail. The cart was the best way to get around back then. I had nonmetallic materials and did not need any type of oil or grease. If you were to grease or oil the wheels trail dust and the lubricants would work like sand paper. The carts made a loud screeching sound all through out the day. The carts used buffalo hide strips instead of metal to hold everything together.


- Axle broken easily

- not very fast

- Not a lot of shelter if it rained


- wheels could be removed and and cart was used as a ramp

- the carts wheels lifted up the cart so it could clear bushs, rocks, stumps, and fallen logs

- The cart was very easy to fix with common objects on the trail

- The carts had no metals on it so it was lighter than other carts

- It could lift up around 450 pounds

Red River Carts