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Harrington Elementary - Feb. 22, 2018

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Three PTA budget items up for vote March 27

Please plan to attend the 6:15pm General PTA Assembly on Tuesday, March 27. The following three motions will be up for Membership vote:

  1. Budget Committee moves to approve second after school Yoga class and an after school chess class. Budget Income for After School Classes line item will be increased to $2,280 and budget expense will be increased to $550.

  2. Budget Committee moves to remove $3,000 from Book Fair Spring income line item and $2,500 from Book Fair Spring expense line item as it will be a school-run event. In order to recover loss of $500, Family Activities Night expense line item of $500 will be removed.

  3. Budget Committee moves to remove $700 from Assemblies income line item. In order to recover loss of $700, $700 will be removed from Staff Development expense line item.

PTA Nominating committee members needed

Want to help shape Harrington's PTA? A successful election of next year's leaders is important to a smooth transition for a PTA from year to year. All members are invited and encouraged to get involved in this important process. Nominating Committees are elected by the membership. If you're interested in serving, email

Shakespeare on the Go! assembly for 2nd-5th graders

Harrington PTA hosted Shakespeare Dallas presents Shakespeare on the Go!, a one-of-a-kind supplemental arts learning program designed to make Shakespeare accessible to school-aged students. On Feb. 20, Harrington 2nd-5th graders enjoyed "What Visions Have I Seen!" — a 50-minute program focused on Shakespeare’s use and invention of language.

Parents, be on the lookout for free season passes for your family. Forms will be sent home this week and must be completed and returned by April 20 in order to receive season passes for all the Shakespeare on the Go! performances.

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Other upcoming events:

  • March 8: Open house
  • March 9: Annual online auction begins
  • March 12-16: Spring break
  • March 23: Kindergarten Round-Up, 9-11am & 1-3pm
  • March 23: Spring Fling picnic, Auction ends
View full school calendar.

From Nurse Lee: My child has lice. Can he/she go to school?

When a child is found to have head lice at home, parents are asked to treat the child with a lice-killing shampoo or treatment before returning to school. Please report the occurrence to the school nurse. Your school nurse can advise you on the proper steps to take and assist in the resolution. Your child will be checked by the school nurse upon return to school to assure that no more live lice remain.

If head lice are discovered on your child at school, you will be called and given the option to pick him / her up. Students may remain in school until the end of the school day. You will also receive information on how to eradicate head lice on your child and in your home. After treatment, your child can return to school and will be examined by the school nurse to be sure there are no live lice remaining

Your success in avoiding re-infestation depends on following all of the necessary steps for treatment. Click here for more information.

Harrington Absence and Tardy Policy

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:15am to 3:30pm

School Hours: Kindergarten-5th grade 7:45am to 2:45pm

Absence and Tardy Policy

Being present and on time is a positive, life-long habit. A student's tardiness and absence can have a major impact on the learning process for both your child and other children in class. This could include missing an explanation of a new concept; interrupting a class already in session; needed the teacher to re-explain directions, slowing down the rest of the class and possibly failing the annual state assessment STAAR, in grades 3-5.

The compulsory attendance law in Texas require that students attend school 90% of the time.

A student is considered tardy if they are not inside the school door by 7:45am. The court considers late arrivals as missing part of a day. Three tardies are considered equivalent to an unexcused absence. Only doctors' notes can excuse tardies.

Official attendance is take at 9:00am; therefore, a student who arrive after that time is marked absent for the day. Students who come in after 9:00am with a doctor's note from an appointment that day will not be counted absent. Students need to bring a note within 3 school days when they are absent to make the absence "excused." When a student is absent for 5 consecutive days, a doctor's note will be required. The parent will get periodic phone calls and/or letter when the tardies and/or absences begin to accumulate. All absences and tardies are monitored closely through the year by the classroom teacher, office staff, and the campus monitoring and interventions team (CMIT). Prior to going to truancy court, you will be asked to attend a district "I Am Present" meeting as a proactive measure to learn more about maintaining appropriate attendance. Since the compulsory attendance law stipulates 90% compliances of attendance, truancy court can levy fines for the parents of children with chronic absenteeism. If your child is is absent 18 days or more your child could be in jeopardy of being retained.

*The front door opens at 7:00am for early arrivals*

7:00-7:15am students sit in the front hallway

7:15-7:30am students sit in the gym or have breakfast in the cafeteria

7:30am students can unpack and begin morning work in classrooms

Plano Girls' Soccer Hosts Youth Night

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Head out and support Harrington P.E. Coach Heather Morse, who is also the Plano Senior High School varsity girls soccer coach.

PSHS Girls’ Soccer will be hosting Youth Soccer Night at 7pm Tuesday, Feb. 27 at Clark East Stadium. The Wildcats will be playing the Wylie Pirates that evening. All eighth grade players and younger wearing a team jersey will have FREE admission. Youth players will be able to walk the varsity players on the field, get an autographed poster and best of all, collect a goodie bag.

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Harrington PTA

Any information you need can be found here! School supply lists, volunteer opportunities & sign-ups, calendar, directory information (for PTA Members only), the weekly Howler Newsletter e-mail, school supply packages, spirit wear, PTA Membership, and so much more!