Influences Of Food Choices

Made By: Corey Melito

Physical Needs

Food is very important for survival because it maintains vital functions, provides energy, and builds up tissue which is also repaired. Food will relieve hunger and a hunger signal stimulates your stomach to produce hunger pangs. Food will improve overall wellness like physical health, mental health, and social health. Also lastly your energy level will be able to handle stress more.

Psychological Needs

Food can give good and bad moods by psychological if you smell a odor or something will make you not eat it so you will have a bad mood if not you will choose healthy foods giving you a good and healthy mood choice of buying it. Your body image explains your emotions and feelings of the foods you eat and choose that are good for you, your expressions will tell/show if you like it or not.

Personal Food Preference

The taste, smell, and color of some food will make you have a better choice and give you the influence of picking healthier foods for your self. My favorite foods would be like healthy fruits watermelon, oranges, bananas, and Pineapple.

Food Availability

Successful agriculture requires a suitable environment to have crops and livestock for the availability of food and sustainability. Like corn and carrots to eat come from the process of food availability

Social Settings

My favorite meal is raviolis, with sauce, cheese, and meatballs, if I bring my lunch I will eat a sandwich with chips, and lastly at the movies I will have popcorn with a cup of water.

Society & Culture

On Christmas Day we will eat Lasagna with cheese, on Thanksgiving we will eat Turkey with Ham, we will also eat chicken and stake on special occasions and traditions we might have.