The Space News

by: Katelynn Ivy

The Voyager Missions

Why It's Famous

This mission is so famous because it has explored places nobody else has been. It was originally just to explore Saturn and Jupiter, but it was extended and it went on to explore Uranus and Neptune. That's wh it's so famous.

The Voyagers have been in space from 1977 to present!

The Scientist

The main scientist on the project was Dr.Edward C. Stone.

The Name

The name Voyager is pretty self explanatory. It's named that since it is voyaging out to the outer planets to explore.

The Money

Overall the funding for this mission has been $895 million. The original funding was only $865 million, but later on the mission $30 million more was spent. Since the mission has not yet ended the cost may continue to grow.

How it benefited the world

It helped give us an idea what's out there. We've also learned more about the outer planets. Since it is still out there today it may discover more things and further our knowledge of space.

FUN FACTS!!!!!!!

Voyager 1 took the only picture of our solar system.  The Voyagers also both have a golden record on board that has images and other things on it to show any other life.