Kindergarten News

February 15, 2019

Conversation Starters

As a way to foster conversations with your child about what we are learning, please ask him/her the following:

Name ways that illustrations can help the reader. What can illustrators include? (weather, time of day, background details, etc.).

Magical Mathematicians

Please read the following problem with your child and help him solve the problem.

Isabelle had 4 oranges. Jaleigha had 3 apples. How many pieces of fruit do they have all together?)

(If your child is ready, perhaps challenge him with higher numbers, perhaps numbers that would equal 15-20.)

Your child can earn a special reward by drawing a picture to illustrate the math problem above. Please return the math work on Monday.

Reading in Action

Read a story to your child. Ask your child...

What is the story mostly about?

Literacy Workstations

Writers Workshop

As writers, we can add details to our illustrations such as background, effects of weather, time of day and zooming in.
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Reading Workshop

As readers, we can figure out changes in the story pattern and check our reading to see if it makes sense.
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Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we can use counters to create, write and draw addition equations.

Math Workstations

Social Sciences

As Social Scientists, we can identify holidays and explain why they are important.
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Shared Reading

As readers, we can tell how the illustrations help the reader.
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Valentine's Day Fun

Happy Birthday, Savanna!

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Family Activities

Please share family activities with us. We will try to provide time for your child to share about their special activities in class and also post some of the pictures in our newsletter. This is a great way for us to share with one another and build our classroom community/family.

MaKenzie: Writing for a Purpose

MaKenzie recently lost a tooth. She wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy.
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