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TCE Student Publication December/January 2022

Student VOICE and Student CHOICE

The Cardinal Post school newsletter is written by our Thorpe Creek students. Please remember that we are young authors, young journalists. We are mimicking real world journalism and writing with short deadlines and prioritizing breaking news. In this special publication we are telling the story of our learning from home during our extended school closures. We hope you enjoy our articles and notice how our writing, photography, and observations grow and mature throughout this school year!

Thank you for reading!

the TCE 3rd and 4th grade Newsletter Club


Mark Your Calendar

Friday, February 18th- eLearning Day

Monday, February 21st- No School

Friday, April 1st- Friday, April 9th- Spring Break No School


Yearbook Orders

Hey TCE! Did you know that the yearbooks are on sale? You may have already ordered one. But if you haven't, make sure you order online today and please no cash or checks. You might be wondering how much the yearbooks cost? Well, I have the answer and it's only $16. You have until March 18th to order. Make sure that you order online at: and use the code: 14543722

By: Emma Beall (Yearbook Club Member)


What are you reading?

Books rock! Unsure what book to read next, here are some favorite book recommendations from a few of our TCE Cardinals!


A Note from HSE Food Services

Food and non-food supply shortages are affecting food service operations across the country including HSE Food Services. Manufacturers across the country are struggling with being able to provide supplies to food service operations due to a variety of issues. The main issue is due to an extreme increase in demand since many schools last year were on a virtual or hybrid schedule and supply needs were much lower. Other issues affecting manufacturers ability to provide supplies are due to staffing shortages, and increased production costs due to inflation. We are continually monitoring product availability with our suppliers and will make menu modifications as necessary. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these supply challenges.


Our Learning Story


Story Time

Snowy Day By: Ken

It’s a snowy day. “Look! Snow!” Ken shouted. “Come on, lets go outside and have a snowball fight!” Shouted Erika.

Throw the snowballs. “Watch out!” Shouted ken as he started throwing snowballs. “Throw the snowballs,” laughed Erika.

“Ouch!” Cried Erika. “Are you okay?” Asked ken. “I’m okay, thank you,” answered Erika.

“It’s starting to snow quite hard,” said ken. They walked in a direction they didn’t normally go. “We cant find our way home!” Cried Erika. “We lost our way,” gasped ken.

“I’m cold. I’m hungry,” cried Erika. “Keep going!” Shouted ken.

A little later ken and Erika shouted, “look there, a house covered with snow!” They rushed toward the house excitedly.

Knock knock. Nobody answered. “Come and look at this,” called ken “A wishing well,” cried Erika.

Look! A round orange!

Look! A square bread!

Look! A rectangular chocolate!

Look! A triangular cookie!

Yummy yummy yummy!

“Lets make a wish,” whispered ken. “I wish we can find our way home,” Erika cried. Suddenly a fairy appeared. “Your wish is granted.” Said the fairy. “Close your eyes.”

Ting! A magic door appeared. “Close your eyes, think of good thoughts.” Said the fairy, they entered the magic door.

They felt warm when they entered the magic door. “I feel warm.” Said ken. “I hear spring birds chirping.” Said Erika. “I can see spring flowers.” Said ken. “I can see spring grass.” Said Erika.

“Where are we?” Whispered Erika. “Oh Erika!” Ken cheered. “We’re home!” “Dinner is ready.” Said mom. “Snow is fun, but it is really cold.” Said Erika.


3rd Grade Market Day

By Addison, Keely, and Addie

The day before winter break the third graders did market day! First the students got to make items or do a service. Items included, snow globes, keychains, cup toss game, nail painting, and bracelets. Third grade students learned all about how an economy works and then planned for their store. Students thought of prices for the item or service they would offer. On Friday at 11:00am the halls were filled with rushing exited third graders and teachers waiting to sell and purchase goods and services. Each student started out with fifty dollars to spend on the goods and services. When it was all done students had items in there bags and most items were sold out. We had a blast.

By Anoop Dhillon and Ana Rodriguez

In 3rd grade we do market day!

Market day is a day when we make things and sell them

We first started learning about economics.each teacher

Taught a lesson about economics. We learned about:

Goods and services,profit,saving and spending ,economy,

Producer and consumer ,needs and wants.we started planning

With a catalog. We started planning our business name,

We came up with a price ,and came up with a slogan.

Now we make our good and services !!!! Goods are handmade.

If you’re doing a service . you can help others but if your service is a game

and you want to do prizes then that is what you will do .

We have 3-4 days to finish the day before market day

We make our posters we put the price and business name

and slogan. Now it is time set everything up set up your service

or good and hang your posters, and getting our money bags ready

And market day starts


Global Studies

By: Maddie Smalligan

TCE has been having global studies with Mrs. Chadwell, but after winter break we will be transitioning to Mrs. Zimmerman and she teaches Spanish. In Spanish we learn to count to 10, different colors, we do fun activities, and more! But don’t worry we will still have PE, discovery, music, art, currently global studies but going to be Spanish. We are fortunate at TCE to have such special, specials!


Discovery/ Play

By: Norah and Kathryn

Discovery is where you play a lot and talk to your friends.

There are art supplies and awesome toys to play with.

There are tables where only the art is allowed and no toys.

We try to stay organized and if you got a toy on the left side then play with it on the left side and if you got a toy on the right side then play with it on the right side. We always clean up after we are done. Discovery is fun.



By: Sabrinah

At school we have a music teacher her name is Ms.Hensley she teaches so many different music genres like Jazz, Rock and Roll , Instrumental , and so much more. Music is a way to express yourself and use your creativity and have fun. There are some wonderful musicians to listen to like Louis Armstrong, he was a legendary jazz musician. Also, Elvis Presley he was a amazing musician. Music can create what we feel, music is what makes us happy. Sometimes it make us dance. Music gets even more interesting to me the more I learn about it


Books from the Library

By: Audrey

Dear families and students. I hope you have a great and awesome winter break. I want to talk about the library. Mrs. Hopper is letting everyone get up to 4 books for over winter break. I hope that everyone has something to read. Everyone should read at least once a day. Be sure you have something that you are interested in. Mrs.Hopper always says you should always look for your just right book. I know at least there is going to be a moment when you are just sitting on your iPad so I hope instead of your iPad, you will pick up a book and read. Reading helps your brain get bigger and have more knowledge and helps you spell more words and helps you learn new vocabulary. I hope you have an awesome winter break.


Friday’s Winter Break Party

By: Anniston

Before we went on winter break we had a winter party! We all got to wear pajamas and wear slippers! When it started we got to make cards for doctors, firefighters etc, and we got to make snowman bookmarks! After we all got to eat donuts from Jacks Donuts! We also had Capri Suns, then we go



By: Ava and Delaney

Friendship is all about being friends and being nice to your friends. You have to be careful and kind to one another. When you are having a bad day a friend can make it better. If you are going through a tough time you should talk about it with your friend. Maybe invite them over to your house to play. You can go to the park and play together too. Having friends over to play in person with is fun especially if there are snacks, games, and maybe even a movie.


Can you solve this Math Problem?

By: Aubrey Sieman and Vivian Henry

Math is fun because you get to learn fun ways to do it. You can play many fun math games. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Are favorite part is multiplication because we know it really well. By Vivian and Aubrey

Can you solve this: (56x31)+45-67

Did you get it?

What method did you us?

The answer is: 1,714



By: Jack

P.E is my favorite related art because P.E is very fun and it’s great to get the exercise, and to practice sports as well. But in my opinion P.E is a bit too short, I think that if P.E was a couple minutes longer that would be perfect. But back to positives P.E helps kids get their exercise and to let energy out. I also love Mrs. Duncan and love her teaching style also. My favorite game in all of P.E is probably sharks and minnows because sharks and minnows is very fun. There is a LOT of running and dodging people. But my overall favorite thing about how hard games can get when everyone except two people are tagged.

And that is why I love P.E.

By: Dylan

P.E is fun. My favorite game of all is the ninja training. What you do in the ninja training is first you have to jump over these yellow things. Then it is dive rolls every time you clear a dive roll and go around the gym once Ms. Duncan raises the height a dive roll. Then you practice vaults there are multiple vaults. The easiest is the safety vault but a normal vault you just jump over. The next part you go through is the cartwheel station where you do cartwheels. The next Station is the laser station you have to go through without touching the laser. Then more dive rolls. The last station is the handstand station once you hold a hand stand for 5 seconds you restart.



By: Geetha

We are doing poems for writing. There are a lot of types of poems. I can list a lot of them. My favorite poem is the couplet. It is a poem that has a lot of rhyming. I did a book filled with poems that I love. Writing a poem can be a lot of fun! Here in one that I wrote “bags can come in handy, to put all of your candy”. Isn’t it amazing? To write an amazing poem you need to put your heart into it. What I love about poems is they’re power. Poems are very strong. Writing poems can be very easy. I learned poems in 3rd grade. I still use poems today. I like reading poems too. These are some types of poems: diamanté, haiku, sensory, biographical, pyramid, acrostic, cinquain, Japanese lantern, parts of speech, cimerick. These are some poems I learned.


Big picture
Click on the link below to fill out the form to submit with your essay.




There are a bunch of different types of poems, such as: Acrostic, Couplet, Quatrain, Limerick, and Free Verse.

Here is a example of a quatrain poem:


Hot chocolate is warm and sweet

Hot chocolate cannot be beat

Also hot chocolate is like a dream

It’s also a sugar beam

Here is a example of an acrostic poem:

Here is a example of a free verse

Best friend’s are the best

They have fun together all the time

They’re bond will never end

Here is a example of a limerick poem:

There once was a dragon named sunny

She looked as cute as a bunny

When she got to the desert

The scorpion den was her pleasure

Then her nose got runny


Art Puppets

By: Gabby and Lily

Art puppets are really fun to do. We always do them in art or work on them

at home. In art I’m doing Stitches friend Angle. And Lily is doing a bunny

named Scratch. I got the idea of doing Angle from me watching Stitch the

I watched the movie the night before Ms. Meyer told us we are doing puppets so

that’s how I got the idea of doing Angle.

The first step to making puppet is to get a ball of clay and mold it to the shape of you’re characters head. The second step to making your puppet is getting newspaper

and a container of paste. Then you will paper-mâché over the clay. When you’re done with the newspaper you might need to grab paper towel. Next when you are done you will cut open your head and dig the clay out. After that you give it a glue bath. Then you will ask Ms. Meyer to help make the body with felt and glue the felt all together with hot glue. You attach the body to the head. Then you can decorate and paint your puppet. Then you will attach the eyes to the head and you will get a birth certificate for your puppet and tada you have a really cool and creative puppet. They will be displayed in the library until March 1st.


More about Pokemon

By: Aaron and Cameron

Their are many different Galarian Pokémon:








Galarian weezing



Top three best Galarian Pokémon:




Do you like Pokemon as much as we do?


Snacks at TCE

Students are welcome to bring a snack with them to school each day. This is completely optional. For the health and safety. of our classmates with allergies, please only send snacks with your child that are on the TCE approved snack list.

TCE approved snacks include:

  • cheese
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Pepperidge Farms Goldfish - any variety
  • Skinny Pop


Water Bottles

Our drinking fountains have been turned back off. We do have bottle filling stations available in all of our pods! We strongly recommend that your child bring a water bottle with them each day to school. Thank you!


Blue Ribbon School

Thorpe creek is a 2021 blue ribbon school! I love TCE it is like home. The staff make me feel safe and comfortable. I have learned so much at TCE! Thanks so much to all my teachers I have had.

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A Note to Morning Car Rider Families


We are asking for your help. With our earlier school day start time, we are thinking through the safety and efficiency of the car rider line.

Beginning Monday, November 1, students will unload along the sidewalk in between the safety cones marked “UNLOADING ZONE.” Staff members will continue to be along the sidewalk ensuring safety as students exit their cars.

How you can help:

  1. Please make every effort to have your child seated on the passenger side of the car so they can independently step out of the car onto the sidewalk.
  2. To keep the line moving, it is also helpful for your child to have all their belongings ready prior to your arrival to the “UNLOADING ZONE.”
  3. As soon as all cars are safely stopped within the “UNLOADING ZONE,” staff members will motion for students to exit the vehicles. ***We ask that regardless of where you are in the “UNLOADING ZONE” (toward the front or back), you allow your child to exit when the adults give the signal to do so.

We greatly appreciate your help and consideration!


The TCE Car Rider Line Crew


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Information from Thorpe Creek PTO

Click here for the PTO Newsletter

Want to know what's going on with TCE PTO check out this link for more information.

PTO Move-a-thon

Get excited!!!

Coming Soon... The TCE

Please mark your calendars for our second annual TCE Move-a-thon (our biggest PTO fundraiser of the year)!!!

  • Countdown: Feb. 7-11 (fun videos to get us excited for the fundraiser, 5-4-3-2-1!)

  • 3 Weeks of Collecting Donations: Feb. 14 - March 4 (incentives will be earned at the end of each week if we reach our school-wide goals)

  • Move-a-thon Event: March 4th!!! - A day full of movement and fun for our students and staff!

  • New this year: Look out for a Silent Auction to bid on items/services related to wellness!

More details to come about the goals, incentives, how to donate, the silent auction, and what the move-a-thon will look like this year!!!

"We Like to Move It!"


TCE-PTO Move-a-thon Committee


Information from Hamilton Southeastern Schools

What to do if you suspect a disability/Child Find:

If your child is age 2 ½ through 21, attends any school within the Hamilton Southeastern Schools boundaries or you live in our community, and you suspect your child may have a disability, you should contact us for more information.

· For children at least two and a half years of age, but not yet age-eligible for kindergarten, you should contact the Early Childhood Assessment Team at Brooks School Elementary School at 317-915-4250.

· For students who are eligible for kindergarten through age 21, you should contact your child’s teacher, school counselor or building administrator to discuss your concerns and explore the steps to be taken. If your child is not enrolled in public school, you should contact the counselor or building administrator in the building your child would attend if enrolled.

Response-to-Instruction (RtI)

Response to Instruction (RtI) is a general education initiative designed to provide high quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs and using learning rate over time and level of performance to make important educational decisions. The RtI model is based on a three-tiered model of service delivery with a focus on early intervention and prevention of academic and behavioral concerns. Data collected during this process provides valuable information regarding students’ educational progress and response to interventions. Students who do not demonstrate a response to well-implemented, scientifically-based interventions at the Tier 3 level would be referred for an educational evaluation to determine eligibility for special education. RtI is a component of HSE’s Child Find Process.


HSE Community Insider

Looking for local events? Check out HSE’s Community Insider (CI). The CI is a resource for both HSE families and community partners. It not only provides a space to post information about events, camps, and other educational programs. It also offers the opportunity to find upcoming activities in and around Hamilton County.


Mudsock Information

Mudsock Youth Athletic Updates:

Register Now For Spring Programs

What will you play? Open registration for spring baseball, softball, soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, rugby and track and field runs through January 31st at After the 31st, waitlists may form for certain sports in various divisions. Season information and program fees can be found here.

Program Scholarships
We want everyone to play. Mudsock Youth Athletics offers full and partial program scholarships to children who qualify for free or reduced lunch within the Hamilton Southeastern School District. Families must apply and be accepted during our open registration period. For spring sports this is January 1st – 31st. For more information, please call 317-845-5582 or email

Take Our Pledge

Help us create a safe and positive environment for participants, parents, guardians, coaches and referees. When you register with us in 2022, you will sign the following agreement. We’ve pulled together resources so you can get started here.


Student Handbook

The elementary student handbook for all HSE students is located on the TCE website following the button below to view.