Lake Erie

By: Parker Stobaugh

Pollution to Lake Erie

Pollution in Lake Erie

Humans put in trash and oil in to Lake Erie. There are also large alge amounts in the central part of the lake. Because of all of the pollution many of the native fish have been disappearing from the lake. There are also still threats of Asian Carp and Zebra and Qugga mussels that demolish the food chain. There are also still threats of DDT poisoning and Mercury and finally PCBs. Also water from broken down water treatment plants also make it hard for humans to interact with the water.

Lake Erie Pollution Problem 1970

Protecting Lake Erie Now

Protecting Lake Erie Now

Richard Nixon, President of the United States signed the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. With the help of Canada the United States will be able to clean the Great Lakes. America also signed the Clean Water Act that will also keep the lakes clean. The U.S.A and Canada are both now not dumping raw sewage and phospheros into the lakes .

Earth Healing: Penn. Sea Grant drug event protects Lake Erie

Recreational Uses

What People Do On Lake Erie

Before Lake Erie was polluted many people fished and played on the sandy beaches. The lake is also the most biologically productive of them all. Now Lake Erie is a very clean lake a ready to be used in clean ways