Starkweather Elementary PBIS


Our PBIS Journey - Year 1

In the 2018-2019 school year, Starkweather Elementary implemented a Schoolwide Positive Behavior System. The PBIS Core Team worked for five months training staff and creating Starkweather's PBIS model. In early February, students began learning about SWE's behavior expectations through explicit lessons and modeling. On Monday, February 6th, SWE held our 1st Annual PBIS Kick-Off Assembly!

Every day students have the opportunity to receive Wolfbucks for displaying positive behaviors throughout the school. At the end of each week, two students from each grade level are recognized for their outstanding behavior and become part of our Howl of Fame! Once a grade level reaches their goal, they earn a grade level reward. Once the whole school reaches its goal, we have a school-wide club day. Grade levels have had a blast playing kickball, bringing stuffed animals to school, wearing pajamas and watching movies! The whole school has shown off our moves at a school-wide dance party, shown our artistic side in arts & craft clubs or has gotten competitive with a variety of games.

Goal & Objectives

How Goals Were Met

The main basis of all six of our goals was to explicitly teach our students positive behaviors while in school and carry them out into the community. This was measured by the positive response students demonstrated to our school-wide expectations to "Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible."

During the week of January 28, 2019, school expectations were explicitly taught in each classroom. Students had the opportunity to view videos of non-examples and examples followed by practicing expectations in each area of the building. The week was wrapped up with a school-wide PBIS assembly where students had the opportunity to practice expectations and earn Wolf Bucks. In the following weeks, students demonstrated positive behaviors, earning enough Wolf Bucks to reach their grade level goals and school-wide goal in a week!!

Since then, students have earned THREE grade level rewards and TWO School-wide Club Days!!

In May 2019, the PBIS team introduced the Office Discipline Referral form and a flowchart of protocols for minor and major negative behaviors. We will be tracking this data through an online system, SWIS. This data will be utilized to target problem behaviors, adjust PBIS lessons and discussed during MTSS.

Starkweather's first year of PBIS implementation was assessed by the CCIU Benchmark of Quality survey. The results indicated that Starkweather is on our way to Tier 1 fidelity.

Parent Communication

"Steph and I love that it was a grass-roots effort and that it's taken hold across the SWS community. That speaks volumes about the commitment of the SWS teachers. It's times like this (and SO many other times!) that we are reminded how lucky we are to be a part of this community." ~ Jon Cleck, parent of K, 2nd and 4th grade students

"I am a huge fan of the wolf bucks system!! My kids love them and are so excited to work for them. Overall, the PBIS system appears to be working well. Even Ben Franklin (from 4th grade PA Day) was very impressed with the students and how well behaved they were during his presentations." ~ Mrs. Booker, parent of K, 1st and 4th grade students