Hybrid Teaching in A Lab Classroom

Teacherpreneurs: Those Who Lead Without Leaving


In an effort to increase teacher efficacy and student performance, I propose DISD fund a hybrid teaching position during the 2016-2017 school year. Once the evidence of impact has been determined, similar lab classroom environments could be established throughout the district providing teachers the opportunity to lead without leaving the classroom.


A hybrid teaching role allows an educator to lead without leaving the classroom, and in doing so, incubate and execute bold pedagogical ideas and innovative solutions. These expert teachers work in a lab classroom 50% of the day and also serve as instructional coaches, mentors, curriculum experts, and solution facilitators. If student learning is going to be competency-based, personalized, and open-walled, so must the leadership of their teachers.

Research & Rationale

The Center for Teaching Quality has provided a wealth of research to support the implementation of a hybrid teaching position. My involvement in The Collaboratory, a virtual community for teacher-led professional learning, has opened doors to a world of possibility. You can view case studies about the success of similar positions and a sampler of the CTQ Policy & Research online.


  • Increase the effectiveness of Tier I instruction through modeling, collaborating, coaching, problem-solving, and reflecting with colleagues

  • Create a lab classroom environment where teachers from across the district can observe at their convenience

  • Provide a "fish-bowl" experience for teachers seeking support implementing the workshop model and integrating technology into their daily instruction

  • Impact student performance through the use of use of high-yield instructional strategies, effective classroom RTI practices, and progress monitoring

  • Model and measure how effective feedback impacts learning outcomes

  • Enhance teacher collaboration and professional learning using digital tools

  • Design innovative, teacher-led solutions for more effective teaching and learning

  • Advance a 21st-century teaching profession via research-based evidence

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