Street workout

Street workout- basic information

Have you ever heard of a sport called street workout?

Street workout is quite a new sport, the first championship was declared in 2011.

This sport evolves the upper body parts like no sport does like: chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps etc.

Street workout is extremely popular among teenagers. It is very attractive and completely free. It gives you the ability to build a great body, thus, it promotes healthy and sociable lifestyle.

One of the most amazing records is most Pull-ups in 3 mins - 100 Arif Firdaus

Street Workout Championship Finals in Russia:Vladimir Sadkov 1th place

Some information about the photos and the video

In the upper video appears the 2013 russia championship, Vladimir Sadkov

In the left picture, jason armstrong with the world record of Most pull-ups in 24 hours - 3,165.

In the middle picture you can see two people doing the human flag on another guy.

In the right picture you can see a guy jumps over the bar.

Its time to see what you are made of - street workout