19th Ed. End of 1st Quarter


  • Happy Thanksgiving/ AISB Cohort Feast
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • First Quarter Awards
  • MAP testing
  • School Photos
  • Uniforms & School Store Promotion
  • Library- Parent Volunteers
  • Plusportal Access
  • Mark your calendars:

  1. Holiday Show: Dec. 11
  2. 1st Semester Exam: Dec. 14-17
  3. Christmas Break: Dec. 18- Jan. 11
  4. Covid-test: Negative results on Jan. 11

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dear AISB Families,

I hope you all had a festive Thanksgiving. It’s amazing to see that the end of the 1st Quarter arrived so quickly. We want to express our gratitude for all for the support and patience shown these past 3 months. We thank:

  • Our students and families for making daily attendance a priority since they know the habit of attendance will help them do well in the classroom and eventually in life after AISB.
  • Our wonderful teachers who pour their energy into making each classroom an exciting place for exploration and knowledge, so children do not want to miss out on learning.
  • Our support staff and community volunteers who provide the extra hands and attention our children need.

We appreciate each and everyone of you especially your effort to stay safe at this time of COVID-19.

Cohort Thanksgiving Feast at AISB

On Wednesday November 25, AISB organized a cohort-based Thanksgiving feast to maintain social distancing and stay safe while celebrating.

Thank you, parents for providing all the goodies.

Find a few pictures below and a video of the parties.


Parent -Student-Teacher Conferences

November 18th and 19th marked the first semester conferences at AISB. Thank you for making time to meet your child(ren)'s teachers to learn about their progress at school. Your involvement always makes a difference.

If you were unable to attend for any reason, please contact your child's teacher(s) and schedule a convenient time.

Find a few pictures and a video from the conferences.


First Quarter Awards

At the end each quarter, AISB recognizes students who have demonstrated excellent behavior and academic excellence in each grade level. In addition, students who have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.3 out of 4 and above (Honor Roll) and those who earn a GPA of 3.7 and above (High Honor Roll) are also awarded.

Congratulations to the happy recipients!!! We encourage every student to work hard and be their best every quarter.

Find a few pictures and the awards video below.

Grade 7-11 High Honor Roll Recipients

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MAP Testing- Fall 2020 Session

AISB administers the MAP test twice a year, in the Fall and Spring sessions. Since November 9th, students in Kg to grade 11 have been taking MAP tests in Reading, Language Use, Math and Science. The tests were scheduled to end on November 18, however, due to our modified mode of administering the test to ensure distancing, some students did not complete on time. We are hoping to finalize the test this week and the results will be available soon. The results will be communicated to you as soon as we have them.

School Photos

On November 17, we had our school photos taken. The photos have been made available at school. While most students who pre-ordered have collected their photos, some are still in the office. We will ensure that everyone's pictures are sent home.

Uniforms & The School's Store Promotion

All AISB students are required to come to school in the correct uniform. These are available for purchase at the school store. Please ensure your child comes to school with the right colors.

There is an on-going promotion for black pants that now sell at 5,000 instead of 10,000frs.

Library Volunteers

We are pleased to announce that AISB now has two library assistants to help our students access library resources. Thank you Mrs. Morena and Mrs. Weeks for your services to our school.

Plusportal Access

If you are a secondary school parent and still do not have access to your child's Plusportal (Student Management System), please contact us at for assistance. You may have also lost your login details. We are here to assist you.

Mark Your Calendars

Holiday Show- December 11

On Friday, December 11 AISB will have the Holiday Show. Students and teachers have been rehearsing their chosen performances. The theme for this year's Holiday Show is "Holly Jolly Christmas." Due to COVID restrictions, families will not be attending the event on campus. However, we will record and share the event with you.

1st Semester Exams- December 14-17

Students in the secondary school will be taking their first semester exams from December 14-17. Please ensure that your child is ready and present on these days.

Christmas Break

The school will close for the Christmas break on Friday December 18 and resume on Monday January 11.

COVID-19 Test

When school resumes on January 11, everyone, -students and all employees will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test before accessing the campus.

Please make arrangements to have a COVID test with a 72 hour validity period. The school may arrange for a similar school-wide test as that conducted before the reopening in October. Details will be communicated to you later.


Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


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