Leap Into Literacy 4th Grade


Reading Workshop

Unit 2: Reading the Weather, Reading the World

In this unit students need to read with the awareness of text structure. Expository texts can have specific text structures, such as:

  • cause - and - effect
  • compare - and - contrast
  • problem - and - solution

Readers can use their knowledge of text structures to determine the main idea and the important points that go with that main idea. When readers do this they are able to summarize what they have read.

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Writing Workshop

The " Big Ideas" of 4th Grade - Unit 2 - Opinion Writing

Boxes and Bullets: Personal and Persuasive Essays

  • Students write on-demand, structured, thesis-driven essays

  • There is a big focus on structure and elaboration

  • The expectation in 3rd grade is that students learn how to introduce topics clearly and provide facts and details to support their thinking

  • The expectation in 4th grade is that students learn more sophisticated strategies for introducing their topics

  • Students provide reasons to support their opinions

  • Students provide facts and details to elaborate on the reasons

  • There is a big focus on spelling grade-appropriate words correctly and students being held accountable for their spelling and grammar within their writing

  • Teachers need their example for demonstration writing. Lucy Calkins recommends working through the lessons to draft your own model text so that you experience the demands and challenges of this unit