Suzanna's Clothing Projects

aruga a-a-aruga (2nd hour Clothing 2)

First Project

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For this project, I created a pattern out of an old shirt I had laying around. This project is a crop top sort of shirt, inspired by a belly-dancer type of outfit. It turned out a bit shorter than I had expected but it doesn't bother me all that much. For this project I had to create my own pattern, I had to sew ribbon onto all of the edges, and I ironed on the ribbon with the circle things (at the bottom hem).

The fabric I chose to use was a broadcloth, turquoise, cotton fabric. I used some gold bias tape for the ribbon, and a ribbon I already had with the circle things on it. First, I cut out the pattern I made, then I pinned it to the fabric. After cutting it all out I sewed it together. I then sewed the bias tape/ribbon onto the edges. This project was fairly easy for me, I've already done hems and I've already messed up enough sleeves to know how to do it better.

I chose this project because I was going to make it on my own at home, so I might as well make it at school. This project wasn't as challanging as I thought It was going to be. I finished it all within a week and a half. There was a small little bump in the sleeve that you can hardly see, I would like to work on making my stitches more seemless and not have any little bumps in it. I could probably make a more complicated project next time. I was very satisfied with the result. I would like it to be a bit longer, but besides that I'm happy with it and it looks very good.

Second Project

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For this project, I used a pattern as a basis, but I made a few alterations to it. I made it wider at the hips. This project is an accompaning peice for my first project. It follows in the same belly-dancing clothing theme. They are really poofy and it was fun to make. This project was kind of silimar to the pj shorts that i made 2 years ago in clothing managment 1. It shared a lot of the same parts of it (elastic casing, crotch seems, ect.)

I used a red chiffron fabric for the outside and since I was using chiffon, I had to make a pair of shorts inside of it so you couldnt see through it. The shorts were made from a scrap fabric I had at home that I think was a cotton fabric. The Chiffon is really flowy and it is a very comfortable fabric to wear. The only notions i used besides thread were elastic. This project was kind of like 2 projects in one, the shorts on the inside and the pants on the outside. After I cut out the esastic casing and the pants, sewing it was really easy. The shorts were easy to since they were almost exactly like the pj shorts we made in clothing managment 1.

I chose this project to match my first project and make a full outfit of it. The only challanging part of this was attaching the shorts to the pants, but I eventually figured it out and sewed it on pretty well. This project like the first one was again pretty easy (I promise my next one won't be this easy). I could improve on my seems, they bunch up a little bit but not too bad. I could slow down and take more time with my projects. I am very satisfied with the end result and the outfit as a whole. I will try to pick a more difficult project for my next one.

Third Project

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This project was made with a pattern. It is a pleated dress that has a sort of vintage feel to it. In this project, I had to create pleats, lining, and a zipper. The pleats were a bit difficult to figure out by the directions, but after playing with it for a bit I figured it out and it was fairly easy. The lining was for the top portion and that was kind of hard to put together but it still worked out in the end. The zipper wasn't as bad as it could've been.

I choose to use a cotton print fabric for this project. I also used a grey zipper and a hook and eye. It feels like cotton. Its not really soft but not hard its just a neutral type of feel. For the zipper, I had to use the zipper foot and I had to sew it very slowly so I didn't mess up and sew in the teeth of it. The dress was at the start a bit too long for my liking, so after I had it all sewed together i cut off five inches from the hem and then hemed it there. I've never made a dress before. Well I tried to make a dress once... and it didn't turn out too well. But this dress turned out really well and I love it.

I chose this project because I thought it would take me a lot longer to complete than my first two. It was a really cute dress and I've wanted to make a dress. This project did challange me a bit. I had to read over the directions a couple of times to make sense of what it was trying to tell me. Next time, I could try to improve on sewing straight or at least take my time when sewing. I really like the end result. It's very cute and I think I did a really good job.

Final Project

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For this project, I used a pattern. It is a vintage style of bra. This project had a lining, and to attach it to the main, I had to do a hidden seam on it. I made button holes in the back to clasp it together.

The fabric I used was a thick cotton. It was black with big, white, polka dots on it. The notions I used were interfacing and two red buttons. After cutting out the peices, i fused the interfacing to the peices that needed it. Then I sewed the two front peices together after putting the darts into it. I made the darts more dramatic than the pattern because it was really big for me. After that, I sewed the front flaps and the backs to the main section. I then did the same for the lining and attached the lining to the main part. I sewed it, and turned it inside out. I slipstiched the opening closed and then pressed it before doing a hidden stitch to make sure it kept its shape. At the end, I sewed two buttons onto the back and made two buttonholes for it.

I chose this project because I already had the fabric and I thought the fabric would look really cute for the pattern. This project was challanging. There was a lot of layers to sew through and my fabric was really thick. The darts on it were also pretty difficult. How it was orginally, it was made for a bigger bust but I obviously don't have that so atlering that was kind of challanging. I probably could've made the darts look a bit better, or alter the pattern more to make it smaller. I like the way it turned out. It looks really cute and I've been wanting to do this pattern and use the fabirc for a while.