Two New Games


First Game

''This new game hot off the market has had the crtics going wild''- Dillon Young

This new game is a must have for this year, you need to dive into the unknown, undiscovered maze, try and find the golden star to escape the imprisonment of the evil robots and try to get out of SPACE!!!

Whats it about?

The new exciting MAZE GAME is being realised on April the 25th, Its all about trying to find your way through a Space Maze until you get to the golden star and escape. There are evil robots to defeat and points to collect along the way, this game is recommeded by many and is rated 3+. Please visit us on the day of the realise and join us in a great gaming experience.

The Golden Star

If you want to have any chance of beating the maze and evil robots then you need to find the golden star hidden within the complex maze. Once you find it you run straight into it and you beat the MAZE!!!


Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 9am

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay

Second Game

The Maze

Like the first game there is a confusing maze that you have to work yourself around. You also have to avoid the deadly fish and find the golden apple on your motorbike. The second game isn't as hard as the first game so I would't recommend it for over the age of 10 but it can still be a fun great game to play.

The Maze

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Have Fun

We hope you enjoy our free games and please visit the lanch day on the 25th of April. Thank you!!!