Coaches Corner

February 2023


Nikki Katter completed the Coaching Cycle course for graduate credit. Here are her thoughts on the process and what she learned when implementing a new strategy/procedure in her kindergarten math class.
Nikki Katter Graduate Coaching Cycle Reflection
Students in Racine Dodd's 1st Grade class are working to refine their writing skills. Together with the IC, they are immmersed in the process, paying close attention to the necessary components that make up a complete piece of work. Sharing their original written pieces is an added bonus!
Boosting comprehension skills is the focus of the partnership formed with Tyler Lynde and his 4th graders. By practicing the art of finding text evidence, and adding some incentives, growth is being made! This beneficial skill will also come into play when taking the ISASP tests.
The 5th grade students in Ashley Pahnisch's social studies classes are learning about effective note taking skills while studying the events leading up to the American Revolution. This routine practice culminates with the ability to use quality notes when taking an assessment.
8th grade students in Jennifer Kumsher's TAG class were excited to use the BreakoutEDU kits. Breakout EDU games consist of a combination of physical locks and/or online puzzle elements (think of an escape room). Players of all ages are challenged to open the locked Breakout EDU box using critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Our AEA has BreakoutEDU kits to check out. There are many pre-made games/escape rooms. Are you interested in trying one in your classroom? Let us know - we'd love to assist you with this engaging activity.
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Use a few minutes to get students up and moving around the room.

Would You Rather? (Elementary)

Would You Rather? (MS)

Would You Rather? (HS)


Reflect on your classroom: Who is doing the heavy lifting in your room?

Would you like to try a new strategy in your classroom? Your IC would love to partner with you! Let's continue to increase student retention.

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