Syphilis .

Be aware ! not scared .

What type of Pathogen

Its a bacteria named (Treponema Pallidum ) Treponema pallidum is a spirochaete bacterium with subspecies that cause treponemal diseases such as syphilis

What is Syphilis

A chronic bacterial disease that is contracted by infection during sexual intercourse.
it get worse through stage levels, stage 1; first 3-90 days it starts off as sore, stage 2; 4-10 Weeks ,soars turn into rashes initial infection And Stage 3; 4-15 years expect to have painless ulcers, sores, vaginal discharge, or wart-like growths on genitals.

Symptons !

  • itching
  • mouth ulcer
  • rash on the palms and soles
  • sore throat
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • weight loss rectal lining inflammation
  • most Symptoms wont occur until 3-4 weeks and usually starts with chancre.

How Commo is this disorder

We have fewer than 200,000 cases in the US, Men account for the most cases of syphilis with the vast majority of thoses cases occurring among men who have sex with men, The common age is between 20-29 yrs .

Most affected body part ?

  • Most of the body can get affected bit usually the genitals,mouth ,& neck,
  • The bacteria gets worse through the stage levels ( long term effect)
  • It also requires a medical diagnosis

How can you get tested?

You can visit any health clinic and testsing is done by blood , body fluids, and tissue samples. what they search for is antibodies to the bacterium or germ that causes syphilis.

How to prevent syphilis !

Abstanance is one way to prevent syphilis ! But also wearing a condom during intercouse.