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What is a biochemist/biophysicist?

They are both very similar forms of biologists. Because they are so similar in characteristics, they are often put into the same category of career.

What do they do?

Biochemists and biophysicists research information on living organisms to conduct complex experiments in a laboratory. Biochemists study processes of cells and unicellular organisms such as cellular reproduction. Biophysicists study cells at the atomic level. They study processes within the cell rather than processes of the cell.

Why would someone want to be a biochemist/biophysicist?

If you like science, math, and technology, you might like biochemistry/biophysics.

If you like biology, chemistry, physics, solving complicated equations, and using technology in your every-day life, you might LOVE it!!

What you need to become one:

To become a biochemists/biophysicist, you will need to have a high school diploma and at least a bachelors degree in biochemistry/biophysics from college. You will want to take lots of biology, math, chemistry, and physics classes.

Who needs the services of a biochemist/biophysicist?

  • Biochemists need biophysicists
  • Biophysicists need biochemists
  • The human race needs biochemists/biophysicists to further their knowledge.
  • Other scientist need biochemists/biophysicists to conduct their experiences.

How could you find out what a day in a biochemist/biophysicist life looks like?

  • Intern at a laboratory
  • Interview one

Two events that happen in the day of a biochemist/biophysicist:

  • Conduct complex expiraments in a lab
  • Research facts about living organisms

What is the hardest part of being a biochemist/biophysicist?

This is an opinion question of course, but learning about cooperative binding is a very hard concept to grasp. Cooperative binding is a type of allostery. It requires that the macromolecule have more than one place for proteins to enter.
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