The Struggle to Perserverance

Michael Dalaly

Winston Churchill's War Road to Success (Description)

Winston Churchill was a great leader. These are some of his traits. He is very well spoken. He is a smart individual. He is very eloquent. Just an Overall great person such as the time he was the Prime Minister of England. Also when he was able to lead the English Navy in the WW's. Amazing at presenting speeches. What a leader.

Troubled Girls of the Neighborhood (Problem/Solution)

The problem is the troubled girls in the bad area had the problem because of their parents abusing alcohol . One possible solution is for them to go to this school that helps them through their problems. That's beneficial because they can still get an education. The negative thing is the school can't change how the parents treat their children. Therefore it's more of a positive thing. As a result it's a great solution.

Brooklyn Dodgers Changed Baseball Forever (Sequence)

Branch Ricky was a smart man. He was the GM of the Brooklyn Dodgers and something was bothering him. It all started off with a man named Branch Ricky. When he couldn't sleep, because he wanted to get blacks into baseball. So one day he called in Jackie Robinson. He then asked him if he ha stage guts to be the first of a kind that can put up with the adversities of changing baseball forever. Eventually Jackie Robinson was a player just like any other white man. In the end he changed baseball forever. Now when you look at a roster there is not a team without an African-American ball player on it.

Ugly Duckling (Cause/Effect)

Eleanor Roosevelt was always made fun of by her looks since she was a kid. She was called an ugly duckling, because of her looks. Since she was called an ugly duckling she didn't feel good about herself. She was well driven though and never gave up on anything. She just brushed it off and kept on going. She was serious from the start of her life. Her mom would call her a serious name often. In the later parts of her life her husband got Polio. This was tough for her and her husband. When when it got so bad she became his eyes and ears. This shows how much of a caring person she is. Her parents gave her money, because of the death of them, because of the amount of wealth she acquired a loot of money. That would make her a very wealthy person and she was grateful of it. She spent a lot of her time at WTUL, that shows how much of a noble person she is. She is the type of person that put others way before her. She is an athletic person, she tried out for team sports, as a kid. Then made it and her teammates loved her and respected her.

Y'all Need a Pep Talk (Description)

The video Pep Talk by Kid President is a great video. This is a motivational video because he talks about how you shouldn't be boring and to make do something awesome. He also uses words that make you feel like you want to do something. He says to follow your dream and if your dream is stupid than get a new useful dream that can be beneficial. This is a motivational video mostly because the kid is talking about being awesome. "If life is a game aren't we on the same team."

Carrying to Victory (Compare and Contrast)

Dartanyon is a person that is legally blind. Leroy is a person who lost a leg. Dartanyon carries Leroy on his back. Dartanyon is a professional judo player and won a bronze medal in the Olympics. Leroy went to college for video game developing.
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