7th Grade Science

Hamilton Middle School

Week at a Glance: (Subject to Change)

Monday 2/1: Why we are the way we are

Tuesday 2/2: Finish Why we are the way we are

Wednesday 2/3: DNA Lab

Thursday 2/4: Chromosomes, Genes & DNA

Friday 2/5: ISN Quiz & Dominant & Recessive Traits

Homework: (Subject to Change)

2/1: Finish up any owed work

2/2: Bonus Project due tomorrow

2/3: FInish up any work

2/4: Look over & make sure ISN is ready

2/5: Have a great weekend

Important Dates:

2/3: Bonus Project Due

2/9: Benchmark Test AM

2/11: Genetics Unit Test

2/15: Student's Off

2/17: 4 year planning in Science

2/19: End of 6 weeks

Wish List Items:

Glue Sticks

Jolly Ranchers


Any blue food items ( cake mix, icing, jello, candy)

Gallon Ziplock bags

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