Your Seat is Very Precious!

= Many Students Want This Class. There is a Waiting List!


We are so happy that you are coming to this school!

You are fabulous because you are improving your life!

You want to learn English.

We are very excited to teach you English.

You will learn so much this year!


You are very lucky!

You have a seat.

You have an English class.

You get to learn!

This school is free for you.

You Pay $0

School = Free

$ But school is not free. $

$ It costs money for the teachers and the Directors. $

$ It costs money for the computers and the buildings. $

$ It costs money for the electricity and the materials. $

$ It costs money for the gardeners and custodians. $

If you are absent (sick, working, playing soccer at the park)

Your seat is empty. The school loses money.

Every day that you don't come to school is a day that = less $$$ for the school.

No school = $0 for the school.

You are important! We want you to learn!

If you don't come to school, you won't learn.

No school = No learning.

There are waiting lists for these classes.

Other students want to come to school.

They must wait until there is space.

Where are you?

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We hope you come to school everyday!


When you come to school, we get money from the government.

If you don't come, we can't pay for the school.

More importantly, you won't learn if you don't come.

Please come! We want you to learn! We are happy to see you!

Of course, you need to stay home if you are sick. You must rest. It's okay.

Please don't come to school sick. If you do, everyone will get sick. Then, no one will come and no one will learn.

We love our students!

Twisted Truths Texting and Driving PSA

Don't Text and Drive! Original song by Gigi Copeland(Malena's daughter) and Rachel Landrum

This is a Public Service Announcement about texting and driving.

It is a song written, filmed, edited, filmed and directed by Gigi Copeland and Rachel Landrum.

Check out the award winning Music Video.

(This song won Best Music Video at two film festivals)

He hope you Have a great semester and learn lots of English!

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