Anglo Saxon and Medieval Period

Benjamin Kim, Caleb Phipps, Jason Yeon

The spread of Christianity in Britain began with Augustine establishing a monastery at which location?

It began when he established a church in Canterbury. It was founded in the year 598 according to records and completed and consecrated in 613 due to it being made of solid masonry like the roman churches. The church was not only place of worship but also a place of residence and burial for abbots, archbishops, and kings of Kent

What did epic poems reflect?

Epic poems reflected bravery and heroism. These types of poetry reflected strong kinship in the tribe, not just blood relatives.
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How were the epic poems presented?

They were performed orally. Usually presented by a scop (old english poet) and a harp. Two styles commonly found are the kenning (an often formulaic that describes one thing in terms of another), and litotes ( a dramatic understatement used for ironic effect).
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What is the name of the most famous poem from the Anglo Saxon period?

Beowulf. It is an epic poem of a warrior who fights Grendel, Grendel's mother, and a Dragon. Neither the author, nor the title of the book is known. It takes place in Scandinavia and is thought to have been written between the 8th and 11th century.
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