5th Grade Newsletter

for the week of January 11th- January 15th

What to Expect Next Week

Reading- Students will analyze a character's impact on a story in order to better understand the story’s plot.

Math- Students will represent and solve for products of decimals to the hundredths using objects and pictorial models, including area models, and using strategies based on place‐value understandings, properties of operations, and the relationship to the multiplication of whole numbers.

Science- Students will be taking Science CBA #3 on Tuesday, January 12th. This test is over sedimentary rocks, fossils, fossil fuels and alternative energy, and formation of landforms.

Writing- Students will publish and share their persuasive essay.

Social Studies- Students will explain how westward expansion changed the landscape of America during the mid-1800s. “Oregon or Bust!”

Spelling- Latin suffix: -mit (to send) The remaining words will follow the spelling rule: vowel change – short to schwa

Spelling test will be Friday, January 15th

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Save the Date!

1/15- Jump Rope for Heart Assembly 2:00 pm

1/18- Holiday- No School

1/21- Report Cards go home

1/22- Celebration of Learning #2

1/26- Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

1/26- Comstock Night at Independence Basketball Game

1/28- Science Night

MVPs for the Week

Congratulations to these students- We would love if you could join us at JKC to see your kiddo shine on stage! We appreciate all their hard work and leadership. :)

Griffin- Carver Sanders

Hazlewood- Adyson Bailey

Mitchell- Ryan Arnold

Murphy- Damien Ducksworth

Walker- Caleb Smith

Wish List

We are in need of pencils- we really appreciate all donations of pencils!

A Few Things To Remember-

Cold Weather Update-

As the weather gets colder, we wanted to communicate to you the weather guidelines we will follow for outdoor recess. Because we feel that it is extremely important to provide physical activity for our children, we will closely monitor the weather and will continue to go outside for recess when appropriate. Please continue to send your child to school with warmer clothes and a jacket for our cooler days. I also strongly encourage you to write students’ names in their jackets. We have so many nice clothes in lost and found and would love to be able to return them to you!

Outdoor Recess Guidelines:

If the temperature or wind chill is 32 degrees or less, there will be NO OUTDOOR RECESS.

If the temperature or wind chill is 33-39 degrees, students will be allowed 15 minutes of outdoor recess.

If the temperature or wind chill is 40+, students will have full recess.


We wanted to inform you that Frisco ISD will not be allowing Hoverboards on Frisco ISD property. Documented fires have occurred in the use of these devices while charging, as well as during use. Other organizations have also banned their use/presence due to fire risk, including many airlines. If students bring a Hoverboard to campus, the parent will be contacted to pick up the device, as it cannot remain on campus due to the possible risk. This includes all makes and models of Hoverboards. As always, the safety of students and staff is our top priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding.