Advertising awareness made easy!

Community advertising at it's best!

Advertising cheap and hassle-free!

Ever wanted to advertise your products and services but it was always either " too expensive lah!" " Too small lah!" "Too short time lah!!" ??? Well this is your chance to advertise cheap and without hassle!

We at VCCS have been advertising for businesses in Solaris Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas since 2009 and we have the track record to prove it! It's cheap, it's hassle free and your advertisement has so many added functions such as :-

1) a mini web site on your business and services

2) a online shopping card if needed

3) pictures and descriptions of your products

4) online coupons for client attraction

5) listed on google and yahoo and facebook for added awareness!

WHY are we different?

We are in the business of creating community awareness and advertisements , what is community awareness? We actually have certain equipment in the area (taman a for example) installed in the premises of our clients that broadcasts your current promotions on top of your promotions being advertised online as well.

HOW does this help?

Not only people from around the state,country can view your promotion and services, but you will be able to target a specific area or community to ensure that your promotion and services are made known to all!

Visit us or better yet, LET us visit you!

Let us visit you, take up 5 minutes of your time to tell you about our awesome product that will definitely help you enhance your business!

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