Cons of Technology

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Technology in the classroom can also have problems to overcome. Below is a list of a few "Cons" that we encountered in our research and that we see in our own school district.

Financial Aspect

This link really breaks everything down nicely and puts some numbers to things:

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According to The Policy Information Center, the average cost per student for a district to be "technology rich" is $300. That is the number to simply get the technology into the schools. In the years beyond that, there are upkeep costs.

The average cost to train teachers in the technology can be broken down per student as well: $25. That doesn't seem like much until you multiply that by the number of students and the number of teachers.

What happens when the introduced technology is out of date in 5 years? The students are stuck working with computers, tablets, and software that the real world isn't using anymore. How is that preparing our students for life beyond school?

(Page 59 of this link breaks things down nicely)

Direct Link: Pros and Cons of Educational Technology

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Student video

This is a video made by a few students and they talk about what they like about using technology in the classroom and some problems they have encountered. Use the back arrow to come back to this page.