Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Rickman is here for Y*O*U

Counseling Times

1st period - 7:45am - 8:30am

6th period - 1:00 - 1:45pm

Several ways to see me

  1. Go to the office and put your name on the list.
  2. Email me privately.
  3. Be referred by a teacher, staff member or administrator
  4. Use this link
  5. Have your parent email or call me

Guaranteed to be relaxing and confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions about School Counselors


Who Are School Counselors?

  • A person who provides support services for all students.
  • A resource for all staff members and parents.
  • A liaison with outside community resources.
  • We are NOT: Disciplinarians, Administrators, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, or Social Workers.


Who Do We See?

School counseling is considered a regular/general educational service provided by the school. The counselor may meet with all students at the school


  • What Do We Do?

    Responsive Services:

    - Meeting immediate needs and concerns of students.

    - Support in crisis situations.

    - Consultation and collaboration with staff, families, and specialists.

    Help with student’s development in:


    - Classroom behavior support

    - Goal setting

    College & Career:

    - Explore interests and skills

    - Awareness of college & career options

    - Development of life skills

    Personal & Social Skills:

    - Building Self-Esteem

    - Making & Keeping Friends

    - Coping Skills

    - Bereavement & Grief

    - Anger Management

    - Problem Solving Skills

    - Strengths and Resiliency

    - Conflict Resolution

    - Peer mediation

  • 4.

  • How Often Will My Child Be Seen?

    - Depending on the student, those receiving services will meet with a counselor between 2-3 times a month for 20-30 minutes per session.

    - Student may take part in both a small counseling group & 1:1 counseling or periodical check-in's.

    - Appropriate adjustments will be made as necessary.

    - All services and sessions will be during school hours and are free of charge.