Pride and Prejudice Project

By: Tiffany Williams

Mr. Darcy

This I think you should not know,

My mind wanders for you.

I'm hiding it because I am afraid,

Afraid to be broken. From whom my hear desires.

We both are looking at one another,

Thinking is it meant to be?

If only we share how we feel,

This love wouldn't be the demon,

Inside of us. Just three words,

I love you.

Mr. Darcy's Character Analysis

Tiffany Williams

English IV 5 hr.

Mrs. Dearman

14 November 2013

Mr. Darcy's Character Analysis

Mr. Darcy is one of Jane Austen's most proud characters. Mr Darcy lives on a large estate of Pemberly, and has a problem with the different social classes and his pride from wealth. In the beginning of the novel you see Mr. Darcy and this horrid man who is the most dreadful to talk to; although by the end of the novel you see him in a much lighter manner of a kind human being.

At the beginning of the story when we first meet Mr. Darcy at the ball, our impression of him is not so delightful. Although he is seen as a tall noble man with handsome features he is soon found as an extremely disagreeable, prideful man who has no consideration for other whom he has met. As we get to know Mr. Darcy a little more we see him as Elizabeth views him, which is very poorly. Although Elizabeth does have her prejudice it does fade through out the story. The reader starts to see that Darcy has a prejudice of social class, and that he has a tendency to judge to hastily.

Although we have only seen Mr. Darcy as a horrid man, the story progresses and so do the characters and their prejudices. Mr. Darcy starts to grow into a good man. He has tried to wrong his rights and is trying to be a more pleasant man. He has done this for Elizabeth so that she might see that he is not bad after all. His friends and acquaintances later on in the story see a difference in him. The reader has seen that he has become more humble, honest, and caring. He stops judging so hastily and starts to care for the ones that he has hurt. Mr. Darcy becomes an entirely different person.

Through the story we see many changes in each character. However, there are several people that grow in the story, Darcy changes the most. He has transformed from an arrogant, prideful man into a humble passionate person. Mr. Darcy has seen how his pride affected his relationships with the ones he cared about the most. He especially saw it when Elizabeth rejected his proposal the first time. This helped him open his eyes. After this point in the story is when we Darcy start to transform into a different character. By the end of the book Darcy is seen as a changed man compared to the start of the story when the reader saw him as rude and prejudice. Now Mr. Darcy is a kind, caring, humble person.


I would compare my love for you,

To a secret. It is hidden in my,

Heart like a treasure. You seem,

To be the only one who holds the key.

How do I let this be? We speak the,

Words we think, but not the ones we feel.