3 Myths About Non-Traditional Jobs

By: Holly Porta

Myth #1: Men are not nurturing enough to work with small children

FALSE. Nurturing is a matter of personality, not gender. A woman can be less nurturing than a man, or vise versa. This depends on the person, not if they are a male or female.
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Myth #2: Women are not strong enough for trade or construction jobs

FALSE. Lack of strength is not a factor in job performance. Veteran women who are in construction say the job is mentally difficult, not physically difficult. Some women can be stronger than men, and vise versa.
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Myth #3: Females do not have a strong aptitude for science and math

FALSE. Women can be involved in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math). Although there are more men involved in STEM, women can still work in these fields. Women in STEM do face challenges such as a shortage of female mentors and a lack of acceptance, but the more women who join these fields will open more doors for the future.
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