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Course Titles

ADHD and Learning Disabilities: Proven Instructional Strategies and Interventions
Aligning your Social Studies Class to the Common Core
America’s Soundtrack: Creating Music Inspired US History Lessons
Basics of Blended Learning
Common Core and the Special Education Student
Creating Common Core ELA Activities to Improve Reading and Writing Skills
Disciplining Today’s Students: How to Maintain Order and Dignity
Empowering Today’s Teenager
The Flipped Classroom
Increasing Student Collaboration By Going Paperless!
Integrating Technology Into Your Classroom
Strategies for working with Students that are Emotionally Disabled
Teaching Study Skills for the Special Education Student
Technology in the Common Core Math Classroom

About CPD

Customizable Professional Development was established in 2015 on Long Island, NY. We offer professional development solutions to teachers and school districts. At CPD, we believe that the only way to improve education for students is by investing in the professional development of their teachers. We are currently offering courses for teachers in 20 states!

Our courses are all fully online and easy to navigate. Course facilitators have years of online teaching experience – but most importantly, are still CLASSROOM TEACHERS! We are still "in it," so we "get it!"