Takeaways from CUE and iTAC

3 Popular Topics

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling offers students an alternate way to showcase their learning. Whether you may it interactive with Chatter Pix, storyboard it initially using Storyboard That, or add green screen elements with Do Ink, digital storytelling unlocks the potential of your students' creative outlets.
Easy-to-Use Green Screen by DoInk App Enables Creation of Green Screen Effects on iPhone and iPad

Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Mission control for students and teachers

10 Reasons to Use Google Classroom (from Kristy MacLean)

1. Easy to learn- very little training required

2. Intuitive, clean design

3. Keeps work organized for students

4. Full integration with Google Drive

5. Simple way to get started with creating a paperless classroom

6. Enhances communication with students

7. Files are automatically duplicated for each student

8. Integrates well with the iPad (must use the Chrome browser)

9. It’s a Google product- expect continued improvements

10. Allows you to focus on teaching & learning, not technology


What is a Hyperdoc?

A Hyperdoc is an interactive, collaborative document. It is more than a list or worksheet! It is an adventure for students, while they are learning and collaborating at the same time.

Hyperdocs are a combination of Google apps (slides, docs, forms, maps), web apps, and collaborative space that takes students through a lesson design (designed by you!).
PUSD On Air: Hyperdocs