Road to Revolution

information on how the revolutionary war started


This presentation is going to be on the revolutionary war and how it all started the first thing i am going to be talking about is the quartering act and what effects that had on the war. Then i am going to be talking about the sugar act and the boston tea party and how those all affected the revolutionary war.

Quartering act

When the Quartering act happened the Colonial towns had to provide shelter for the British soldiers because the people were not listening to British rules. This was a unpopular law at the time. They refused to buy British goods until the act was changed, this is why the British soldiers had to sleep in there houses and this is why the quartering act happened. This will influence the beginning of the war because the colonist will be even more mad because the British soldiers have to sleep in the colonist houses with them.

Sugar act

When this event happened the colonies were somewhat independent and were not used to being told what to do. Then when the british went to war with france they went deeply into debt. After all of that then the colonist had to pay for their own defense. So that's when they finally came up with the sugar act. Now that the colonist have to pay for their own defense that is why this is going to affect the beginning of the war because they are also going to be more mad about that to.

Boston Tea party

The Boston tea party was the 11th thing that happened after king George became king. The boston tea party was a key thing that happened in the american revolution. The Boston tea party was a political protest by the sons of liberty in Boston on december 16 1773. Now that they taxed their tea they are going be furious about that they should not have to have their tea taxed.

Key Conflict/ Boston Massacre

When the Boston Massacre happened the governor Francis Bernard considered the sons of liberty trouble makers. This time was really bad because during this time a 11 year old boy got shot in a standoff between colonist and the British. Boston's colonial leader put the red coat men on murder trial. The lawyer who is defending the soldiers is john Adams. They all said that this time period was a bad time in Boston. The american people are going to be more mad at the british people and they are going to try to send the british people back to their home country and it going to make the war even worse.

Key Cooperation/ Daughters of liberty

The daughters of liberty were a successful colonial american group established in 1765. Using their skills from the time they made house pun clothes. The daughters of liberty also had a big influence on the revolutionary war. The daughters of liberty had a big influence on the war so that means that they can possibly help them and the government.