Coping Copenhagen

By Ethan Krumlauf

Resident Resistance

We need your help! The Germans are taking over Denmark. Hitler's Canary written by Sandi Toksvig, takes place in Copenhagen in 1940. The main characters are Bamse, Mama, Dad, Orlando, and Thomas.

The conflict in this book is that the Jewish danes are being taken by the Nazis and brought to concentration camps in Germany.Bamse hides Jewish people in his home. Nazis are suspicious and decide to investigate their home. The Jewish people that are in hiding don't get caught by the Nazis.

How did Bamses story end? The climax is that Bamse helped out many Jewish danes across the water to Sweden. He saved countless lives. On May 5, the thirteenth airborne (British planes) flew into Copenhagen and the Nazis lost. Finally it is the end of a horrible time and much needless death and suffering.

Deadly Describer

Bambse is the main character in the book, Hitler's Canary, We go with him through the horrible times of Hitler. I think the word brave describes him well. One reason he is brave is that he risked his own life to save others. he said

He helps his parents hide Jews in their home. .He can be courageous. He leads all of the Danish Jews to the docks when the Nazis were watching him on page 176.

On The Clock

1940 Nazis invade Copenhagen
1943 Nazis leave Copenhagen
1945 End of WW2
1950 The first Peanuts comic
1970 The first Floppy disk was invented
1990 A picture of the entire solar system appeared
2001 The Twin Towers fell
2012 Obama was re-elected as President

Factorial Factions

One Fact is that the author was explaining how hard it was to keep a secret during WW2. Living in that time is difficult that way because there is so many secrets in that place and time.on page 48.

On page 22 they were talking about when the germans invaded Copenhagen. That was hard because the germans were very bad people entering a peacefull area. Also because the Nazis were going to take all of the Danish Jews. Bamses friend is Jewish.

On pg 55 they were talking about how hard life was at that time. Bamses father was taken and so he was the man of the house for quite some time and that was difficult. Later in the book bamses father returned.