By: Matthew Neibel

Code Orange

Yesterday Mity Blake (a high school junior at St. Raphael’s in New York City) never came home from school. He was last seen in central park with his girlfriend around 4:00 in the afternoon. His parents called the NYPD at about 7:00 pm. The FBI joined early this morning and believe that he mit have been lured in by terrorist when trying to get an interview for his biology paper. If you have any info please contact your local police headquarters immediately.

fire awereness (locimotion)

Monday, Feb. 24th 2003 at 12-4pm

5701 West Parker Road

Plano, TX

  • free prizes
  • hourly drawings to get free smoke detectors and installation for your whole home
  • fun games
  • bouncy houses
  • food truckes


Dear, James

One Saturday in early June a few weeks after school got out my mom forced me to take a walk and I saw a lot of kids were the vacant lot was. So I went over to see what they were doing. I found out that it had been cleared and was now a community garden (I hadn’t been by their in a while because I have been inside watching TV all summer). Kim who I knew from school, told me that there was a contests to see who could come up with the best idea to get water there for the gardeners so they don’t have to bring their own. And the best part is that the winner gets $20.

My first idea is that I could open my window and fell people’s containers for them. But my mom said it would drive up the water bill. So then I said we could use water from the fire hydrant. Then run a hose from Lake Erie. And a few others of that nature .But they all got the same response they would cost too much.

Then the second week in June I suggested that we get some plastic trash cans and put them under the spout so then when I rains they well fill up with water. I finely won. And all the gardeners agreed to give some money to help by the trash cans. The next day we had a big rain storm and it rained enough to fill them. I hope to see you at the garden soon.