Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The man who ended our greatest problems

Franklin's good old days

Franklin was born on January 30, 1882 he was a big baby with bright blond hair. His mother was named Sara Roosevelt his father was called James. When he was young he was home schooled and loved the sea and even got a ship. He went to Groton for high school where he had a professor named Reverend Endicott Peabody. He made many of his students pursue political careers. That's what determined Franklin's future life. He then entered Harvard University and did not excel in sports so he did the crimson newspaper and he got his college degree in his third year so he could devote his entire fourth year to the newspaper.

FDR-A political man

After graduating from Harvard he was asked by the democratic party to become New York senator. He won the election easily. After his second term for senator he joined the navy and fought in world war 1 because Germany was threatening America. After World war 1 he retired from the navy and ran for New York Governor and won. That was when the Great Depression started. Franklin did everything to stop it, but he didn't have enough. So he ran for president in 1933 and won. He did very good as the president but the Great depression was still a problem.

FDR-a four term president

After he was voted president he immediately made numerous work programs like WPA the CCC and the TVA. These programs helped America recover. After he ended the Great depression he was faced with WW2. In his second term he declared war on Japan for attacking pearl harbor. In his 3rd term he planned D-day and made Germany and Italy surrender. Then he entered his fourth term. He planned D-day and Germany and Italy surrendered. This was the beginning of the close of the war.

His final days

World War 2 was ending, Japan was only left. FDR was attacking Japan from everywhere with Harry S. Truman at his side. But some unfortunate things happened. Franklin's mother and high school teacher died. So Franklin had no family. And one day when he was at the white house he said he had a terrible headache and slumped down. The doctor came but it was too late, FDR died from vessel burst in his brain.


FDR was an incredible person he ended our greatest problems like the great depression and World War 2. He was very well known. He even talked to random citizens on the radio. He made work programs that still go on today. So for more or less FDR has changed the way America functions. He did many great things, he ended the great depression and he ended the bloodiest conflict in human history. So he was a great leader we should always remember.
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