Suicide In Teens

Teen Suicide

Did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death in the ages 15-24 and the sixth leading cause in the ages 5-14? There are around 5,000 lives lost because of suicide in people the ages of 15-24. Some of the main ways people kill them selves are drug overdose, over the counter drugs, drowning, hanging, firearms, and jumping from height. But there is a different between boy and girls, girls tend to have more suicide thought and on the other hand most of the death is from boys.

Risk Of Suicide

  • a psychological disorder, especially depression, bipolar disorder and alcohol and drug use (in fact, about 95% of people who die by suicide have a psychological disorder at the time of death)
  • feelings of distress, irritability, or agitation
  • feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness that often accompany depression
  • a previous suicide attempt
  • a family history of depression or suicide
  • emotional, physical, or sexual abuse
  • lack of a support network, poor relationships with parents or peers, and feelings of social isolation
  • dealing with bisexuality or homosexuality in an unsupportive family or community or hostile school environment
  • change in eating and sleeping habits
  • withdrawal from friends, family, and regular activities
  • violent actions, rebellious behavior, or running away
  • unusual neglect of personal appearance
  • marked personality change
  • persistent boredom, difficulty concentrating, or a decline in the quality of schoolwork
  • frequent complaints about physical symptoms, often related to emotions, such as stomachaches, headaches, fatigue, etc.
  • loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • not tolerating praise or rewards
  • complain of being a bad person or feeling rotten inside
  • give verbal hints with statements such as: I won't be a problem for you much longer, Nothing matters, It's no use, and I won't see you again
  • put his or her affairs in order, for example, give away favorite
  • possessions, clean his or her room, throw away important belongings, etc.
  • become suddenly cheerful after a period of depression
  • have signs of psychosis (hallucinations or bizarre thoughts)

How can I tell if someone might kill themselves?

well there are signs that some people might show if they were thinking or planing on suicide

  • talk about suicide or death in general
  • give hints that they might not be around anymore
  • talk about feeling hopeless or feeling guilty
  • pull away from friends or family
  • write songs, poems, or letters about death, separation, and loss
  • start giving away treasured possessions to siblings or friends
  • lose the desire to take part in favorite things or activities
  • have trouble concentrating or thinking clearly
  • experience changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • engage in risk-taking behaviors
  • lose interest in school or sports

How to prevent suicide

If you are worried about your self or someone speak up. Talk to the person and make sure you are being your self and are offering hope, don't argue with them and don't blame yourself. React or respond quickly if you know someone is thinking about suicide. One of the most important things is to offer help and support.

No one cares. [Suicide Awareness]