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Did you know your students now have access to their Office 365 accounts and therefore can use their 5 free downloads of Office 2013 on their personal devices at home?

Teachers like Office 365 also....

Alert Me Tip

Quick Tip: I have documents that I like to track changes without always having to open each one. You can assign an Alert to a document that will send you an email notifying you of changes. In OneDrive on the upper left-hand corner there are 3 options: Browse, File, and Library. If you check beside a document without opening it, and then click on File, a Ribbon of tools will open above the MyDocuments window. In the middle is an Alert option and you can select to have an email sent to you notifying you of any changes from the dropdown menu.
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Mrs. Long checking her Outlook email.

Let's do an I Spy activity. What can you find that she always has with her?
Samantha with OneDrive
Microsoft Office 365 - Outlook 2013 - Calendar Training

It's easy to add pictures and video - although the video needs to be uploaded to YouTube or another video playing program. If you want training on creating your own YouTube channel, I will be happy to create a video tutorial for you and share out some resources so you can play with it over the holidays. Having your own PRIVATE channel allows you to upload videos and no one else can view them. Jessica and I did this last year with her media mash-ups of her vocabulary terms.