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Summer Edition

Crosby Scholars graduates 936 seniors

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Michael Nachman Scholarship recipient, Sofia Pauca

2017 Senior Gala

The Crosby Scholars Program hosts an annual Senior Honors Gala to celebrate the graduating class and all their accomplishments as Crosby Scholars. This year, the Gala was held on April 24, 2017 at the Benton Convention Center. All seniors were recognized individually and were called to the stage with classmates from their respective high schools.

Many scholarships were awarded, including the Michael Nachman Scholarship to the senior with the highest cumulative weighted GPA through the first semester of the current school year. The recipient of this award receives a $2,000 scholarship each of four years of undergraduate study for a total award of $8,000.

This year’s recipient of the Michael Nachman scholarship is Sofia Pauca of Mt. Tabor High School. Sofia has been a Crosby Scholar since 6th grade, which means she is also an Executive Director’s Award recipient. She was ranked first in her class at the end of the first semester of her senior year. She is a founding member of the Young Life Capernaum Buddy program that serves high school students with disabilities. Sofia conducted research at Wake Forest’s School of Medicine and was a summer intern at the National Institutes of Health where she did additional research in the area of neurobiology. Sofia practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a devoted caregiver of her brother with special needs, and is co-founder and co-president of Mt. Tabor’s computer club.

Sofia has a 4.0 GPA, and has achieved a 5.36 weighted GPA while pursuing a rigorous high school curriculum, including 18 Advanced Placement courses.

The daughter of Victor and Theresa Pauca, she will enroll at Princeton University.

For a listing of the other scholarship winners, please Click Here.

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Dr. Beverly Emory with five of the 10 students with the highest GPA

From left to right: Annemarie Marshall, Sarah Watkins, Georgia Burgess, William Rogers, David Herman ( Missing are Sarah Templeton, Levente Bathory, Madeline Kraft, Peyton Frey and Sydney Schamay.

13th Annual Crosby Scholars Invitational

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The Breakfast of Champions is the annual kickoff of the Crosby Scholars Invitational Golf Tournament. The tournament raises funds for the Last Dollar Scholarships that are available to students with financial need and provide up to $1,200 annually for up to four years of college. Last year, Crosby Scholars awarded $719,382.00 in Last Dollar Scholarships. This year’s tournament raised more than $300,000, despite being rained out. It has been rescheduled for September 26 at 10:00 a.m. To read more about the breakfast and the speakers, Click Here.

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Breakfast of Champions Scholarship Recipients

Left to right, Cassidy Gallman, Sydney Schamay, Janasi Rawlings, Jada Dove, Summer Cottrell, and Bond Craver.


Thank you to those who purchased a golf sponsorship ($1,500 and above) and to those who have contributed to our tournament ($500 up to $1,499). Without you, many of our students could not close the gap between financial aid and the cost of college tuition. The greatest gift we can give a child is a good education. Please Click Here to see the list of sponsors.
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Student Spotlight

J.P. Desnoyers

Ever since they discovered their son Jacques-Paul had autism, the Desnoyers have been advocating on his behalf and looking for opportunities to develop his social and mental skills. When Jacques-Paul, who also goes by "J.P.", was a toddler, his parents noticed that he wasn't developing normally. "He started talking but stopped shortly after receiving immunizations at 20 months," says Mrs. Desnoyers. His parents took him to a doctor to have his language skills tested. As a result, the doctor diagnosed J.P. with autism, a mental condition distinguished by difficulty communicating and forming relationships, when he was three and a half years old. Determined to nurture their son's physical and mental development, the Desnoyers enrolled him in various therapy programs including Applied Behavior Analysis, speech and physical therapy. Raising J.P., the Desnoyers discovered he possessed more gifts than impairments. However, the challenge has been convincing other people to see his abilities. As a result, she and her husband started advocating for their son so that he can have access to the same opportunities as his little brother.

"If you don't ask, you won't get," she says. They discovered such an opportunity in the Crosby Scholars Program, which prepares students for college. As a result, J.P. applied and was accepted into the program. Click Here to read the article in full.

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A game that promotes forward thinking - "Money Jungle"

Money Jungle will take you on a wild ride through the “jungle” of life. When you arrive, you will be given your adult profile which will determine how much money you have to spend. Then you will be taken to different stations to make selections on your future car, your future residence, etc. This game will show you that the lifestyle you dream of having as an adult is being shaped by the decisions you make now. Money Jungle is a collaborative effort with Financial Pathways. This summer program is another way in which Crosby Scholars is not only For College, but For Life!

BIG Changes to the Junior Advising Program

The Junior Grade Advisor Program has been expanded to include webinars and interactive sessions in an effort to be more relevant and to increase student engagement. Small group sessions at individual schools have been replaced by large group meetings and held earlier in the school year so that juniors are better prepared to meet the demands of the senior program. These large group sessions covered the following topics: building a target list of colleges; college campus visits, with specific emphasis on getting the most from college tours; SAT and ACT prep; assessments, which focused on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery(ASVAB) for identifying academic strengths and potential career paths; and Mandatory Rising Senior Meetings that take place at Crosby Scholars during the summer after the 11th grade.

Grade Advisors help all juniors enter their senior year ready for the college admission process. The Grade Advisor meetings have been expanded to prepare students at Title I schools to meet individually with advisors during the second semester of their junior year.

Additional ACT Prep Extended to Title I Schools

The Crosby Scholars Program has offered ACT and SAT prep in the senior academy format for a number of years. Because all students in North Carolina take the ACT in the spring of junior year, the Program decided to expand ACT prep with specific emphasis on preparing students at Title I schools for the test. The initiatives included the following:

  • On-site ACT prep provided by Princeton Review that included a scored practice test at four of the five Title I schools and three 90-minute on-site test prep sessions. Crosby staff conducts pre-test at Carver, Kennedy, Parkland, and Winston-Salem Prep Academy.

  • Additional test prep sessions were held at Crosby Scholars office. Students from Title I schools were encouraged to attend for additional instruction.

  • Funding for two test prep sessions at North Forsyth High School were offered in December 2016 and February 2017. Students signed up at the school, and training was offered after school.

Data from the Title I schools’ test results reveal impressive results both for individual schools and for subgroups within each high school. Examples of the students’ performance on the ACT include:

  • All male and female students of color at each high school increased their composite ACT score after attending at least one of the three Princeton Review prep sessions.

  • When they attended all three Princeton Review prep sessions, students increased or maintained their composite score at a rate of 60% to 89%.

  • All students from Kennedy and Winston-Salem Prep Academy earned a composite score of at least 20 (the national average) after attending at least one ACT prep session, and 94% of Parkland students achieved that benchmark as well.

Students from all four schools increased their composite score when they attended one or more prep sessions, with percentages ranging from 67 to 88.

The funding for the ACT Prep course, was made possible through a grant funded by Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

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Wyndham Championship Volunteer Opportunity

What: Crosby Scholars have the unique opportunity to volunteer at the Wyndham Championship among the world’s most celebrated golf professionals.

When: August 14 – August 20

Where: Sedgefield Country Club, Greensboro, NC

Why: Students will receive community service hours while volunteering at a local PGA golf tournament.

More volunteers are needed for the weekend, August 19 and 20th.

For more information on this unique volunteer opportunity Click Here.

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Student Internship

This year at the Wyndham Championship, staff will be assisted by Crosby Scholar Harrison Andrews to help volunteers with instructions on how to work the shot link on the 4th hole fairway and green. Andrews, a rising junior at Atkins, has worked at the Wyndham on behalf of Crosby Scholars over the past several years and enjoys the game of golf. Harrison and Crosby Scholars staff look forward to working with students on this volunteer project in August.
The mission of the Crosby Scholars Program is to make sure all public school students in grades 6-12 in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school system are prepared academically, socially and personally for successful college admission.
If you are interested in furthering the mission of the Crosby Scholars Program through a financial donation, please visit our website at and click the Donate Now button.