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Fall Fun at Carol Stream School

Trunk or Treat- Wednesday, Oct. 27

On Wednesday, Oct. 27th from 6-8 pm the PTA will host a Trunk or Treat event. Cars sponsoring a "trunk" will be set up in the back parking lot. The event will be open-house style meaning you can come and go as you like.

Who can come? Families of students attending Carol Stream School. We ask that an adult accompany students for the duration of your stay (please no student drop-offs).

What to bring? Wear your costume, but please dress for the weather (it may be cold), consider bringing a flashlight (it gets dark between 6-6:30), as well as a face mask. Students will be provided with a free bag to put their candy in.

Do I need to wear a mask? Since the event is outdoors, face masks are not required. However, if families are unable to space out while outdoors, we do ask you to wear it. The PTA will do their best to promote social distancing (ex: cones), but it will be up to each individual family to ensure they are social distancing.

Does it cost anything? No, this event is free of charge.

Where do I park? Families can either walk to school or they can park along the surrounding streets (ex: Sioux or Thunderbird). For safety, families will not be able to park in the back parking lot.

What safety measures will be taken? We will ask families to check in and provide the name of the student attending CSS. We will use this information in the event we need to conduct contact tracing. We will also strive to promote space for families (ex: spacing out cars and cones for lines). We ask families to consider wearing a mask if they feel they cannot properly social distance. Trunks involving an item that is touched by students will be disinfected in between uses.

Fall Class Parties

On Friday, Oct. 29th each classroom will host a classroom party from 3-3:30 pm. Each classroom is allowed 1 parent volunteer (must be a PTA member) and the PTA has coordinated with those interested in participating. Unfortunately, we cannot open the class party in each room beyond the 1 designated volunteer. Students may be provided with food/snacks; however, they will need to take them home to be eaten. Students/staff will engage in a variety of games and crafts during the party.

Games will need to align with our existing mitigation strategies (ex: students must continue to wear masks, hand sanitize, socially distance).

Parade from 2:45-3pm:

Weather permitting, we will attempt to do a school-wide parade that takes a brief tour outside near doors 9, 1, and 3. Parents are welcome to line the sidewalks near door 1 to view.

Party Supplies

If you are planning on bringing in any party items (ex: decorations, snacks, games, etc.) please make sure they are clearly labeled with the teacher's name on the outside of the package. Tables will be set up in the front entry for parents to drop off supplies. We will have staff/PTA volunteers bring the supplies to the designated classrooms. Note: Fog machines are not permitted as they can trigger smoke alarms. All edible items need to be store-bought and individually packaged. These edible items will be sent home with students rather than eaten during the party.

Costume Guidelines

In an effort to make sure we all have a fun experience during our fall festivities, please read through the following guidelines for costumes:

- Costumes should be brought to school (please do not send your child to school already wearing their costume) to limit distractions during the instructional portions of the day.

- Any look-alike weapons (guns, knives, swords, clubs, axes, bow/arrow, etc.) should not be a part of the costume and should not be brought to school.

- Please avoid costumes of characters who engage in or promote gore or have fake blood or serious injuries (we have students as young as 5 years old to consider).

- Due to COVID restrictions, students will need to change into their costumes on their own. Students that need privacy (ex: if they cannot put their costume on over their clothes) will be directed to use the bathroom.

Please make sure you've read through the guidelines prior to sending your child to school on Friday, Oct. 29th. Students wearing costumes that do not align with these guidelines may be asked by building administration to remove a portion of or their entire costume.

Thank you!

Questions? We're here to help

Please do not hesitate to call us at 630-588-5400

You can also reach Steven Kyle, Principal at CSS, at 847-802-2505

Thank you for all that you do!