Scandium (Sc)

The Element

Scandium is a medium to soft metal. It is considered rare and is used in small amounts. It appears white and silver but can turn yelloish pink when exposed to air.

Hard Facts and Atomic Structure

Atomic Mass- 44.95591

Atomic Number- 21

Atomic Radius in picometers- 184 pm

Protons- 21

Density- 2.99 g cm−3

Neutrons- 24

Melting Point- 1541C, 2806F, 1814K

Electrons- 21

Boiling Point- 2836C, 5137F, 3109K

Important People in the Discovery

More Physical Properties

Scandium is very conductive, being a metal. It is also malleable and can be formed fairly well if there was ever an amount big enough. It is not a very hard metal which goes along with its malleability. At room temperature it is solid.

Uses and Applications

Scandium is used in various metal parts. It is most widely used in alloys. Scandium alloy is used in bicycle parts and aluminum baseball and softball bats. The radioactive isotope 46sc is used as a tracking agent in refinery crackers for crude oils. It is also widely used in the making of high intensity lighting. This metal can also be found in sunlight lamps.


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