Classical Conversations NE Philly

WEEK 14 Reminders

Agenda for Janurary 14th Community Day

  • If you have not yet provided copies of you clearances to me, you will need to do so prior to our community day this week! I do not need the original document, but I do need a copy (e-mail is fine) to complete each family's file. If you have not yet received one or more of the clearances for which you've applied, you must provide documentation of your submitted application.

  • All are welcome to join in prayer for our community in the Journeyman classroom (following the tutor meeting at 8:50).
  • Any others are asked to settle and fellowship downstairs...there is hot water and tea available in the kitchen (please remember to bring your own cup with a lid).
  • Let's all help all our children stay safe and remind them that there is no running anywhere in the building.

  • Community Memory Work: Exodus 20:10b (please remember to listen to the Bible memory work song...early morning solos are not my thing ;)
  • The Varghese family opens official assembly with prayer, pledges, and a family presentation
  • Announcements



The program is designed for parents to attend class with their student/s as we learn alongside each other. As some parents also tutor and/or have children in multiple classes, a classroom parent is assigned on a rotating basis to ensure that there is at least one other support person with the tutor in each classroom at all times.
  • Abecedarians- Poinson
  • Apprentices- Chung
  • Jouneyman- Brown
  • Masters- DiPrimeo


  • Skill Focus: Posture/Stance: stand up tall with back straight and one leg slightly forward.
  • Topic Suggestion: Show and tell about a rock, or something that was made from a rock (be creative...there are many types and uses of rocks).


***we are a peanut, tree-nut and (warm) dairy free campus ***
(please refer to your community guide for more information, and feel free to check with our food safety coordinators, Jessica Diaz and Alina Vargheese, with any additional questions)

  • Students are to be seated in the lunch area until dismissed by a parent/parent-designated adult.
  • Recess will not begin until after 12:20 to give the recess monitor a chance to eat. Games will also be available in the lunchroom for indoor play. A big thanks to the Stevens family for serving as Recess Monitor!



  • All students remaining on campus after lunch are asked to wash hands after eating (to avoid spreading any potential allergen).
  • Parents- please pack an allergy-friendly afternoon snack for students and siblings staying in the afternoon.
  • Children not in the Essentials class are to remain with the afternoon club leader.

Early Registration Ends February 1st!

Registration paperwork for 2016-17 is now available on CC's website (or by following the link below). There has been no price increase from last year, so the cost remains the same:

  • Foundations Tuition ~ $335/year
  • Registration Fee ~ $85 for first student/$55 for additional kids
  • Supply Fee ~ $50
  • Essentials cost is the same except for the supply fee, which is only $20.
  • Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders are encouraged to enroll in both Foundations and Essentials.

As always, all payments are due no later than July 20. However your registration fee and paperwork should be given to your director as soon as possible in order to guarantee your spot. Registration will be open to the public on February 1, and classes are limited to 8 or 9 students per class (some of our classes we at maximum capacity this year and we continued to receive requests). Supply fees will need to be paid to your director no later than June 1 so that supplies can be purchased and prepared.

If you are interested in a payment plan, I can receive payments from January until July. The payments for one student would be approximately $75 per month in that case (for a specific monthly breakdown based on your family's registration, please complete the request form below). Many families choose to pay for CC with their income tax refund, and some budget for it throughout the previous year. Contracting as a CC tutor is an excellent way to offset the cost of tuition. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about that position.