VA School Counselors!!

Virginia School Counselor Association

School Counselors are Everywhere!

There are over 3000 individuals certified to be a school counselor in Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia has the third largest membership, by state, within the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), with just under 2000 members and there are 1150 school counselors in the Virginia School Counselor Association (VSCA).

Virginia School Counselors are:

  • Tax payers
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Supporters of public education
  • VRS contributors

...who care about public education and mental health policy legislation. Virginia school counselors care about the issues that face our livlihood and threaten our existence in schools (our workplace).

Did You Know that Virginia School Counselor Association...?

  • is a member of the Virginia Education Coalition (VEC)
  • hired well respected Lobbyist, David Bailey to represent the organization
  • is a member of the Executive Roundtable on College Access, with SCHEV, VAEOPP, VASFAA and VCAN
  • collborates with NASA and VCC for the School Counselor STEM Workshops across the state
  • collaborated on the i-am-the-one Middle School Curriculum with SCHEV

Virginia School Counselor Association