Thursday's Thoughts

March 9, 2017

Classroom Libraries

Debbie Miller writes in Teaching for Intention:

No need for a library area. I want the whole room to feel like a library! I love having books everywhere, organized in a variety of ways for easy access throughout the day, everyday. When children are surrounded by books, we're showing them that reading is important throughout the day; reading is infused into almost everything we do. It's as if the books are inviting us in. "Take a look at me!" They seem to say. "I'm really good inside."

I once heard that when you walk into a classroom, it should feel as if the whole room is a library rather than having a small area designated as the classroom library. Let's strive to make our classrooms filled with books so that our students are surrounded by books. As we continue to discuss how to ensure students are really reading during independent reading, let's help them want to read by organzing our baskets, filling them with good books and weeding out the old ones, asking for collections of good books from our library, and making our classroom collections of books a priority by working to grow the number of good books available to your students. Katie will be happy to pull books for you each week, so please use her. We need to make sure we are providing good books for our students to read when we are asking them to spend 30-45 minutes of their day reading.

Happy reading!

Data Meetings for 3rd, 4th, and 5th

A focus for us this year is to use data to guide our next steps. We have new data through MAP testing. Matt and I would like to meet with you Monday during your planning to look at student growth. Please meet with us in the room beside the STEM lab Monday.

Time For Kids

It is time for us to work to earn our Time for Kids magazines free. We do this through having our students complete the address booklets. Matt will send you a video to show to your classes Monday morning. This video will explain to students about the address booklets. They will earn the little monkeys (I think it is monkeys) for returned booklets. :-)

March 17th

The next article is due March 17th. Make sure you have read the article prior to meeting with Stacey. This article is on running records. We want our kids to do their homework, so please make sure you complete yours before meeting with Stacy on the 17th.

March 24th

March 24th is an important PD day. This is the final reading PD for The Read to Succeed Endorsement. On the 24th, Kindergarten, first grade, and K5 assistants will meet at Concrete from 8:30-11:30. Second, third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers will meet at Powdersville from 8:30-11:30. We will meet back at school around 12:30 to meet in grade levels. Our focus is analyzing MAP data to create a plan for the remaining school days.

Parent Communication

As the weather becomes warmer, and we get closer to the end of the year, make sure you are communicating with parents. Please remember to not only focus on negative communication, but send messages or call parents about the positive things as well. Your students need to know that you are in close contact with their families. That sends the message to them that they are important and that you are going to do whatever it takes to ensure they succeed.

Also when looking at grades, if a child is continously failing the same assessements such as math reviews, science rewinds, TFK, etc., take a hard look at what is going on. Meet with the student to see if homework help is the issue, study skills are lacking, or what else may be the problem. Know your students well and accept nothing but their very best. Hold them accountable and provide help where it's needed.

Upcoming Dates:

March 13th: Show TFK video

March 15th: 4th grade LAUNCH field trip

March 17th: TFK booklets due

March 17th: Grade Level Meetings with Stacey to discuss running records article

March 20th: No Goalpost

March 21st: Teacher Surveys open

March 22nd: Reading Coaches meet at CGE

March 23rd: 5th grade Washington parent meeting at 5:30, Beta Club induction at 6:00

March 24th: Reading PD morning, afternoon grade level meetings at CGE

Happy Friday!